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The Magic of Visualisation & Affirmations for a Happy Pregnancy

Hey there, to-be moms! I had a lovely chat with Mathumathy V, a certified birth doula with over 5 years of experience in helping 200+ moms in their labor and delivery. She shares some heart-to-heart advice that she has gathered along her journey helping moms like you welcome their little ones into the world. Today, let’s dive into something really special and close to my heart: the magic of visualization and affirmations during pregnancy. This is all about how thinking happy thoughts and saying nice things to yourself can make a big difference in how you feel while you're waiting for your little one to arrive. So, let's get into it!

What is Visualisation?

Think of it like daydreaming on purpose. You know, when you imagine all the fun and loving moments you're going to have with your baby. It's like making a little movie in your head where everything goes just the way you want it to. This can help you feel more confident and even sleep better! Imagine all those beautiful moments and goals you’re looking forward to, like holding your baby for the first time. You create these pictures in your mind, feeling all the good vibes and warmth, almost like you’re rehearsing for the big day.

The 6 Health Benefits of Visualisation During Pregnancy

Mathumathy shares that through her years of supporting expectant mothers, she has seen how visualization can weave wonders. Here are some ways visualization can be very powerful in pregnancy.

Benefits of visualisation in pregnancy

Why Visualisation Matters & How It Works in pregnancy.

The magic lies in the fact that our subconscious mind doesn't distinguish between real and imagined events. If you visualise healing from pregnancy discomforts, your body gears up to make that healing a reality. This is similar to how our bodies naturally repair themselves, bolstered by a strong immune system. When you infuse your mind with positive thoughts of your pregnancy and birthing experience, you're essentially programming your body to follow through. For example, if you are having a transverse or a breech baby in your third trimester, visualize your baby head down in optimal alignment for birthing. Mathumathy says she has seen magic happening when mothers are trusting of their bodies and their babies. 

She says in her early days as a doula, she worked with a mom who was anxious about her delivery day. They embarked on a visualization journey together, where she would imagine her ideal birthing experience – feeling calm, surrounded by support, and welcoming her baby into the world with joy. As the days passed, her anxiety diminished, replaced by a sense of peace and confidence. Witnessing her transformation was a testament to the power of the mind-body connection. Eventually this mother went on to have an unmedicated normal birth with very little medical intervention needed. Such is the power of our subconscious minds!

Nowadays we have many alternative birthing centres all over India who believe in natural births and use techniques like these where the mother feels confident, comfortable and happy about her labour and birth experience. She urges moms to definitely try alternative birthing centres and take the advice of a doula to help in their birthing journeys. 

How to Practise Visualisation in Pregnancy?

1.Define Your Pregnancy Goals: Start with a clear vision, be it a healthy pregnancy, a joyful journey, or a specific type of birth.

2. Craft Your Vision: Picture yourself achieving these goals. Imagine the setting, the people around you, and most importantly, the feelings of joy and accomplishment.

3. Add Details: Make the scenario in your mind as detailed and realistic as possible. Think about what color clothes you are going to wear to you holding your bundle of joy! 

4. Use Positive Affirmations: Counter any doubts with empowering affirmations like "I am capable," "I trust my body," and "My baby and I are healthy and strong." “Every contraction brings me closer to my baby”

5. Breathe and Focus: Let your breathing guide you as you immerse yourself in the visualisation, reinforcing your affirmations and intentions.

visualisation in pregnancy

Affirmations For a Positive Birthing Experience

Mathumathy believes affirmations and visualisations go hand in hand for a positive birth experience. Crafting positive affirmations and repeating them daily can steer your mind and body towards your desired outcomes. These affirmations are your anchors, keeping you centred and focused on the positive aspects of your pregnancy journey. There is a lot of research in neuroscience now that states that saying or writing positive affirmations creates a real change in your brain pathways making the affirmations a reality. It requires a lot of practice and belief but it's worth trying! Mathumathy shares 5 pregnancy affirmations moms can either read aloud or write down daily. You can also write it on sticky notes which you can see daily. She says it's important to make affirmations about the things which are in your control and it's okay to change your affirmations as pregnancy progresses.

affirmations in pregnancy

In closing, remember, dear mamas, that the journey to motherhood is as much about nurturing your mind as it is about caring for your body. While you can care for your growing belly with our Zactive pregnancy leggingsyou can also care for your growing baby by just using your imagination and being kind to yourself with your words, you can make your wait for the baby feel a lot smoother. Remember, you're not alone in this, and thinking good thoughts is a powerful way to get ready for one of the biggest moments of your life.

You can connect with Mathumathy on her website Active baby bump and stay tuned for more from her in our Expert Talks series! 

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