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5 Must-Know Garbhasanskar Secrets for Moms-to-Be

Welcome to our latest blog post! Today, we're thrilled to share an inspiring conversation with Akansha Verma, Garbhasanskar teacher with 10+ years of experience in imparting this ancient wisdom. She also runs Shoonyata in Delhi for helping women and mothers in their healing journey. In this interview, we dive deep into her belief and how she's making a difference in the lives of pregnant women. So, whether you're expecting, planning, or just curious about garbhasanskar, Akansha's insights are sure to enlighten and inspire you! Lets get started! 

In conversation with Expert Akansha Verma, let’s find out what Garbhasanskar is all about!

1.What got you started in teaching Garbhasanskar?

Akansha: My journey into understanding the profound process of childbirth and garbhasanskar began gradually. I started exploring the concept of womb awakening through the teachings of Kamakshya Maa. As time went on, I learned something amazing: our bodies are made in a special way that lets us have babies. It's like we have this magical space inside us that can create life, and we don't even need to know all the tiny details, like when the baby's eyes start to form. It's a really beautiful thing that just happens all by itself, without us having to do anything

I've come to see that women possess an extraordinary power, much like a goddess, but often we're unaware of our true capabilities. Our bodies are inherently designed to give birth, whether or not we choose to do so. Through my own experience with womb awakening, I also learned that the womb is a place where emotions and past traumas are stored. This means that during pregnancy, a woman has the potential to pass on these emotions and unresolved issues, along with ancestral traumas, to her unborn child.

This realisation led me to study Garbhasanskar, a practice that focuses on the well-being of the mother and child before birth. It's about helping women transmit positive energy, virtues, and high vibrations to their babies even before they are born. My goal is to empower women to understand and harness this incredible power they have, ensuring they can give their children the best start in life, filled with positive influences and emotional health

2.What’s a simple Garbhasanskar tip that anyone can follow at home?

Akansha: The easiest way to bond with your unborn baby is by talking to them during everyday activities like washing dishes or taking a walk.

  • Place your hand on your belly and express your love by saying 'I love you' to your baby, sending a warm hug directly to them.

  • To instill intelligence and kindness, use affirmations like 'You're a wise child' or 'You're a kind child' throughout the day.

  • Though it seems simple, this practice significantly impacts your baby's development.

  • Make a list of the top 5 qualities (sanskaars) you wish for your child, and repeat these affirmations aloud or in your mind frequently, utilizing the power of positive vibrations to shape your baby in the womb.

affirmations in garbhasanskar

Akansha: Another tip is to listen to calm music, like flute tunes, especially when you're feeling stressed or just want to relax. This calmness isn't just for you; it travels to your baby too, making them feel peaceful and happy. It's like when you feel a song's calmness, your baby feels it too, and it helps them in a big way. So, it's all about the small, loving things we do and say that help our babies grow into happy and healthy little ones

3. What is one piece of advice you consistently give to new parents embarking on the Garbhasanskar journey?

Akansha: Teaching good habits and values to the baby before they're born is important for both moms and dads.

  • Fathers are super important and need to be actively involved in the pregnancy.

  • Being there for the mom-to-be involves giving hugs, being kind, and showing lots of love.

  • Special yoga moves and quiet time exercises can help moms and dads feel closer.

  • These exercises aren't just physical; they're about creating a strong bond between parents.

  • When moms and dads feel this bond, it sends a warm, cozy feeling to the baby.

  • It's crucial for both parents to be involved, offering love and support.

  • This involvement helps the baby feel safe and loved even before they are born.

Here is a simple example of partner yoga that we do in our Garbhasanskar sessions with the parents. The "Supported Squat"  is a wonderful partner yoga pose for couples during pregnancy, enhancing their bond and providing comfort to the expecting mother. This shared moment, filled with deep, synchronised breathing, not only helps in opening the hips in preparation for childbirth but also strengthens the emotional connection between the partners. It's a simple yet powerful way to be together, showing support and love as they await the arrival of their baby. Always remember to listen to the body and consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise during pregnancy.

supported squats

4. Can you share a success story from your Garbhasanskar teachings that really stands out to you?

Akansha: Okay, so let me tell you about this beautiful thing that happened recently! I met a mom who was expecting her second kid. The first time she was pregnant, it was really tough for her - some days, she couldn't even leave her bed. Doctors told her the second pregnancy might be even harder. She came to me hoping to make things better this time around. We didn't just focus on preparing her baby through garbhasanskar; we also worked on her own healing. We used positive sayings like 'This baby is healthy for my body' and 'I will have a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.'

And guess what? Her pregnancy went super well this time! The labor and delivery were calm, and she had a beautiful baby boy. Now, this little boy is also very calm and smart, totally different from his big sibling. It shows how those positive vibes and techniques we used during pregnancy really do make a difference in the kids. It's like planting seeds in a garden; what you sow is what you get to see grow.

5. What’s one thing you wish more people knew about Garbhasanskar?

Akansha: Garbhasanskar isn't just about teaching babies before they are born; it's also really good for moms. It helps moms feel better inside. You see, when moms think about giving good lessons to their baby, it can help them fix any sad feelings they've been carrying. I help moms feel better in their hearts as they get ready to teach their baby. This way, moms start feeling happier, more loving, and forgiving. So, while the baby learns, moms get happier too. Garbhasanskar is like a special journey that helps both moms and their babies.

We hope you found our interview with Akansha Verma as inspiring and informative as we did. Her dedication to Garbhasanskar and the insights she shared are truly invaluable. And speaking of support for moms to be, a good pair of pregnancy leggings and a supportive partner can make all the difference in this beautiful yet challenging journey. Now, we'd love to hear from you! Your feedback and stories not only enrich our community but also help others on their journey through pregnancy and beyond. So, don't be shy—join the conversation and let's keep the dialogue going. Looking forward to reading your comments!

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