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At House Of Zelena™ we provide Mothers not just with products that empower them to look good and feel good but also a strong community of fellow-moms who empathise and walk with you every step of this wonderful journey called motherhood!

Our Location

New Delhi


Karta Ram Complex,

Bijwasin Main Road,

New Delhi - 110061

Shop for Maternity Dresses online at best prices in India - House of Zelena™

Buy Maternity Clothing & Pregnancy Care products online in India at House of Zelena™ . Shop from extensive range of Maternity Clothes, Lingerie, Maternity Night Wear, Maternity Bra Extenders & Straps and Maternity Skin Care Products at best prices at best prices.

Products :

  • Maternity Wear
  • Maternity Ethnic Wear
  • Maternity Western Wear
  • Maternity Night Wear
  • Maternity Bottom Wear & Leggings
  • Maternity Bra Extenders & Straps
  • Maternity Skin Care Products
  • Swaddle Cloth for Babies

Brand/Trade Mark
House Of Zelena™

Company Name:  Good Folks Fashion Pvt Ltd

Website Name: https://houseofzelena.com/

Founded – 2021

Industries - Retail

Company Type – Clothing

Open Now - Always

Headquarters - Bengaluru,

Media Details :

Email Id – cs@houseofzelena.com

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