Why is Innovation in Maternity Wear Important?

Why do pregnant and new moms need a different type of clothing? What impact does it have? Pregnant and new moms  have different needs & different bodies and therefore, they need a different type of clothing as well, something that supports you, feels good on your skin and makes you feel confident and good about your body. Right Maternity clothing makes a big impact on the lives of pregnant and new moms. In Fact studies suggest that clothes that are comfortable, functional for breastfeeding, can reduce stress for new moms and this feeling of being in control can improve the overall well-being of the moms.

Innovation in Bottomwear

Why do we love our belly? Because it is the single most important part of your body during pregnancy and postpartum. It housed your baby, and now has your white tiger marks (Stretch marks) to prove your strength and super hero power. We want moms to feel their power, love their body, love their belly! And provide it the comfort, snug fit it deserves!

Bellylove™ Technology- it is dedicated to loving and embracing the postpartum belly which moms get conscious about, It's a part you should be proud and you shall love. Bellylove™ stands at a belief that no expectant or new mother has to compromise on comfort, support or style as their bodies undergo the beautiful transformation of bringing a new life to this world.

Enjoy and Celebrate your motherhood journey with our Bellylove™ Technology. These are not just a garment; they're a hug for your belly, offering support and love to you and your belly.

Bellylove™ for Pregnancy

Zactive Pregnancy Bottomwear is India's first adaptable bump-friendly bottomwear. They're designed to adapt to your changing body shape and support your growing belly throughout your pregnancy journey. They keep adjusting to your changing body, providing it the support it needs, making you look and feel fabulous throughout your journey. Experience the Bellylove™ difference today!

Bellylove™ for Postpartum 

Not just any Postpartum leggings, these are India’s first Postpartum Recovery Leggings, meticulously crafted from premium polyamide fabric and Nylon spandex, setting a new standard for comfort, support, and style for new mothers.

The Bellylove™ postpartum range is designed with the understanding that new moms need more than just comfort; they need support that feels comfortable on their sensitive skin. The use of polyamide fabric in our garments ensures exceptional compression and support, aiding in the recovery process by gently embracing and contouring the body's new shape, while also offering the breathability and flexibility needed during the postpartum period.

Bellylove™ by House of Zelena is more than just bottomwear; it's a celebration of motherhood and the incredible journey of becoming a mom.

Cotton Athleisure Wear

House of Zelena has an exclusive collection of Cotton Athleisure wear - The 247 Collection, made out of Superior quality Nano-fibre fabric for ultimate comfort and feel throughout the day. They're perfect to be worn entire day from workout to outings or moving around the house entire day in style. They're perfect for both pregnancy and postpartum time making it a go to choice for all the moms.

Moreover, the 247 collection tops have zipless feeding access providing moms the comfort they need without compromising on the functionality.

Innovation in Topwear

Zipless Clothing

House of Zelena has introduced Different innovative ways to nurse with clothes that don't look like maternity wear, since they have no zips, they're comfortable and convenient for both the mom and the baby. The construct, the fabric, the body is hidden while only the nipple can be taken out to feed.We have a huge collection of Zipless Clothing available at House of Zelena including :

U-neck-shape | V-neck-shape | Buttons 

Extra-long zips

House of Zelena has Extra -long zips,longest available in the market, usually everyone builds 6-inches zips but it's not convenient enough for feeding moms that's why we do 12+ inches zips for our feeding dresses to make mom's journey comfortable and convenient.

Peek-A-Boo Airflow

Nursing covers are a necessity but the only options that were existing in the market were ugly apron-looking covers or suffocating thick fabric covering. Nobody really thought about the Mum and the Baby and their comfort while breastfeeding  and yet being able to bond with the baby . Neither the baby's need to breathe easily while feeding Nor the Mum's need for privacy, comfort were addressed. Which is also one of the causes why moms are not comfortable to breastfeed in public.

House of Zelena uses Peek-a-boo Airflow technology in the Nursing Covers which ensures comfort for both mom and the baby. The peek-a-boo airflow feature is more than just a design element; it's a reflection of our commitment to the comfort and happiness of babies and the peace of mind of New mothers. With our breastfeeding cover, you can step out confidently, knowing that your baby's feeding time will be both comfortable and private and you nursing cover will look amazing too.

Moreover, Our Nursing Covers are super versatile and can serve multiple purposes other than being a perfect Nursing Cover, they can be used as a stroller cover, a blanket , a shrug and much more!

Celebrate every stage of this beautiful journey -motherhood with confidence and comfort. House of Zelena's innovations in maternity clothing celebrates your changing body and empowers you to nourish your baby with ease. These innovations are a step to make mom's journey a happy, cozy and comfortable one !