Zactive Community

Do you know 98.6% moms reported overall improvement in their motherhood journey post joining House of Zelena community. Our unique approach -expert led problem solving & qualified suggestions from like-minded moms who have faced similar problems in recent times. Consider our community as a supportive , non judgemental tribe of moms.

At the heart of our community is a shared vision - a judgment-free zone where moms from different sections of the society, including influencers, working professionals, healthcare experts, and wellness guides, come together to support, inspire, and empower each other through every stage of motherhood. It's a tribe of like-minded moms eager to share their journeys, experiences, and tips for making this beautiful journey through Motherhood, a happier and a comfortable one.

How to join the Zactive Community

Becoming a part of our vibrant community is as easy as a few clicks.

- Zactive Moms is an open group of moms hailing from different areas including Mom Influencers, Trainers, Homemakers etc, coming along to provide support, help and sharing experience with each other to make their motherhood journey a happy one.

- Exclusive Mom’s group for Zactive shoppers, here they get a lot of digital goodies like e-books, printables etc, Expert assistance, Expert webinars and a lot more included in a complete wellness program which comes free along with the purchase of the Zactive Leggings. To be a part of this Exclusive group, one has to purchase a pair of Zactive Bottomwear.

What to Expect from the Zactive Community

Once you're in, get ready for an amazing experience filled with love ,sharing and support. Our community is a favorite among mom influencers for a reason - it's a place where moms inspire each other, motivate to become better and suggest each other for a smooth Motherhood journey and experience. From exclusive content tailored for the moms,Peer support to uplift fellow moms, to live Q&A sessions with experts across professions, our community offers a wealth of resources designed to support you at every step.

In the Exclusive Zactive Club , you get Exclusive Club Access to Experts, a lot of Digital Goodies , support, Expert sessions , fun games and contests and moreover you get to make a lot of Mom friends too. The zactive community provides a lot of benefits including :

- Fun Contests & Games (free)
- Mom support (free)
- City-wise Mom groups (free)
- Share a Birthing Story (free)
- Problem wise mom’s support -groups (free)
- Expert Content (paid)
- Live Sessions with Experts (paid)
- Digital Goodies like e-books, checklists, printables (paid)
- Access to Experts on Whatsapp (paid)