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The Magic of Womb Healing : 5 Simple Techniques for Postpartum Recovery

We're excited to talk to Akansha Verma, a wonderful guide for moms-to-be and new moms. WIth 10+ years of experience, Akansha is a Reiki master, yoga teacher, tarot card reader, and womb healer, but most of all, she's known as a 'soul whisperer.' She runs, “Shoonyata”, in Delhi, is a special spot where she uses her deep knowledge and caring touch to help women on their motherhood journey.

Akansha teaches Womb Healing and Garbhasanskar, offering great support to moms during pregnancy and after the baby arrives. She combines old wisdom with fresh ideas to help women feel strong and understand themselves better. This blog highlights Akansha's advice on connecting deeply with yourself, not just during pregnancy but before and after too. Through her teachings, Akansha helps women get in touch with their inner selves, making the motherhood journey even more beautiful.

In conversation with Expert Akansha Verma, let’s find out all about the mystery that is “womb healing”!

1. What exactly is “Womb Healing”?

Akansha: Imagine your womb as a cozy, nurturing nest where the incredible journey of life begins. But after the big event – hello, beautiful baby! – this special nest could really use some love and care. That's where womb healing steps in, like a spa day for your super womb, helping it recover and get back to feeling awesome. It's not just about physical healing; it's about feeling whole and ready for the amazing journey of motherhood ahead. Let's explore the cozy world of womb healing together and find out why it's so important for new mamas!

2. Can you share some simple tips to start womb healing at home?

Akansha: Totally! Womb healing is like giving your womb a friendly "hello" and some extra love. Here's how you can do it, simple and sweet:

  • Breathe with Love: Imagine sending a warm hug to your womb with each breath. It's that easy and calming.

  • Soft Belly Rubs: With some nice-smelling oils like lavender, gently rub your belly. It’s like drawing circles of kindness around your womb.

  • Hang Out with Nature: Being outside is like a big, refreshing sigh for your womb. The fresh air and greenery? Yes, please!

  • Eat & Drink Happy: Crunching on colorful fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water is like feeding your womb happiness.

  • Write It Down: Got a whirlwind of thoughts? Jotting them down, especially about your womb and being a woman, can feel like a big, soothing exhale.

Short, sweet, and all about making your womb feel cherished and happy.

3. Could Womb Healing Be the Secret to Postpartum Recovery Journey?

Akansha: Womb healing is such a beautiful and supportive step in your postpartum journey. It's like wrapping yourself in a warm, loving embrace, helping your body and heart find their way back to balance after the baby arrives. With practices like womb massage, it's not just about the physical healing, like helping your uterus cosy back up to its pre-baby size. It’s also about giving yourself a moment of peace and healing, letting you breathe out any birth-related stress and step into motherhood feeling supported and strong.

And, oh, the emotional rollercoaster that can come after a baby! Whether it's those tricky baby blues or just feeling a bit lost when you look in the mirror, it's totally normal. That's where womb awakening exercises come in. They're not just moves; they're a way to reconnect with the gorgeous woman you’ve always been, reigniting your inner spark and feminine energy. It's easy to get caught up worrying about the changes in your body, but remember, your womb is the source of incredible "shakti," or power. These practices help you tap back into that strength, building your confidence and helping you fall in love with your amazing post-pregnancy body. It’s all about celebrating the incredible journey of motherhood and the beauty it brings to your life.

4. So many mothers in the Zactive community are struggling after having their baby. Are there any signs that show moms might need womb healing?

Akansha: There are some gentle whispers from our body that might suggest it's time to give a little extra love to our womb. You might notice things like aches during your period, or maybe your cycles are not quite regular. Sometimes, it might just be a bit of discomfort around your belly or pelvis. On the inside, it could feel like you’re not quite in tune with your feminine side, like something’s a bit off since having a baby or after certain experiences. You can also feel a lack of intimacy with your partner or decreased libido. It’s all your body’s way of asking for a bit of healing, a way to find balance and peace again. Paying attention to these signals is like listening to a dear friend, guiding you towards taking care of your inner self.

5. Can womb healing improve my overall postpartum recovery? I'd love to know how it works its magic!

Akansha: Oh, for sure! Womb healing can really help you feel better all around. It can make your periods more regular, lessen pain, and might even help if you’re trying to have a baby. On the inside, it’s like getting a big hug for your heart, making you feel peaceful and strong. You know, the area around our womb is connected to our feelings and creativity. So, when we take care of our womb, we might find ourselves feeling more creative and getting along better with ourselves and others. It’s like the womb is a special place for our feelings.

Let’s think about a mom who’s had back pain for a really long time. She’s tried everything – exercises, medicines – but nothing works. It might be time to look at her feelings. Is she feeling alone, like no one in her family or society is there for her? Those feelings need some care. We start thinking, ‘The world is here for me,’ instead of feeling alone. Sometimes, what hurts our body starts with our feelings or thoughts, and we need to heal those to really get better. Womb healing looks at everything – your body, your heart, your thoughts – to help you live a happier, more balanced life

6. Can you tell me about the cost involved in a womb healing session?

Akansha: Oh, it really varies depending on the healer's experience and what specific issues you're looking to work on. But just to give you a ballpark, a single womb healing session usually runs around INR 2000. And if you're considering diving deeper with a month of womb yoga, you'd be looking at about INR 4000. It's all about finding the right fit for you and what you need.

We're grateful Akansha took the time to share her insights and expertise on a technique that's not widely known but has the potential to support countless moms during pregnancy and postpartum. Postpartum recovery is both physical and spiritual. On the physical side, it's about showering yourself with belly love, where postpartum leggings can play a supportive role, offering comfort and support as you navigate this journey. If you're curious to learn more or want to connect with Akansha, feel free to visit her website, 'Shoonyata.'

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