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Pranayama in pregnancy

Pregnancy Pranayama for Summer Season

Being pregnant in the summer can feel like carrying a personal sun around! The heat can zap your energy and leave you feeling sluggish. But fear not, expecting mamas! There's a way to combat the summer heat and cultivate inner peace - all through the power of your breath.

Recently, we had a chat with Ishita Sangani, a prenatal yoga expert with the Zactive Mom community, about how incorporating specific breathing techniques (pranayama) can be a game-changer for pregnant women during the summer months.

In conversation with Expert Ishita Sangani let’s find out all how pregnant mothers can stay healthy in summer.

So Ishita, tell us, how can breathwork help pregnant women stay cool in the summer?

Sure, summer heat can be brutal, especially when you're pregnant! But don't worry, breathwork, or pranayama as we yogis call it, can be a lifesaver. It helps cool you down from the inside out by activating specific energy channels. Plus, these breathing exercises are super calming, which is great because summer heat can be stressful too! They also improve circulation, which helps move that built-up heat away from your core. There are even specific techniques like Sheetali Pranayama, which is like a built-in air conditioner for your breath, and Chandrabhedi Pranayama, which cools and calms at the same time. Just remember to listen to your body and take it slow, and if you're new to pranayama, find a prenatal yoga class – it's a great way to learn these techniques safely and effectively!

Can you share some specific pranayama techniques that are particularly effective for pregnant women in the summer?

Absolutely! When that summer sun gets a little too intense, there are a couple of pranayama techniques that are great for cooling down our body and I recommend pregnant moms to definitely give it a try! 

The first is Sheetali Pranayama, also known as Cooling Breath. You curl your tongue into a tube and inhale through it, creating a refreshing sensation with every breath. It's like a built-in air conditioner for your mouth!

The other technique is Chandrabhedi Pranayama, or Moon Piercing Breath. This one activates the cooling energy associated with your left nostril. You alternate inhaling through the left and exhaling through the right, leaving you feeling balanced and refreshed.

Remember, these are just a couple of options – there are many other pranayama techniques out there. But these two are particularly effective for pregnant women in the summer because they're both cooling and calming and have breathing techniques which are safe for pregnant moms!.

Let's break them down then. What's Sheetali Pranayama all about?

This technique of Sheetali Pranayama is fantastic for pregnant women because it cools you down from the inside out. Here's how it's done!

Imagine yourself sipping a refreshing drink through a straw. Curl your tongue into a tube, stick it out a little, and inhale slowly through it. You'll feel a cool sensation on your tongue with each inhale, a built-in refresher for those hot days. Then, close your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose. Easy, right? Repeat this a few times, focusing on that cool feeling with each inhale and the calming effect with each exhale.

Sheetali Pranayama is a very effective way to manage your internal temperature, especially during pregnancy when your body runs a bit warmer. Plus, it's calming, which is a bonus considering summer heat can be stressful too! So next time the sun gets a little too intense, give Sheetali Pranayama a try. You and your little one will thank you for it!

Sheetali Pranayama

Sounds simple enough! And what about Chandrabhedi Pranayama?

Many women complain of feeling extra hot in summer when they are pregnant. If you live in an area of high humidity like Mumbai you might feel the temperature of 35 degrees is like 40 degree celsius! 

Don't worry, Chandrabhedi Pranayama, or Moon Piercing Breath is exactly what you need! ! This technique is fantastic for pregnant women because it activates the refreshing energy associated with your left nostril, like a built-in AC unit for your body.

Imagine yourself finding a shady spot to relax. Get comfortable in a seated position, close your eyes for a moment, and take a few deep breaths. Now, gently close your right nostril with your thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through your left nostril, picturing cool moonlight filling your body. Once you've reached a comfortable inhale, close your left nostril with your ring finger or pinky. Now, exhale slowly and completely through your right nostril, releasing any built-up heat like a summer breeze. Repeat this process for a few rounds, alternating inhaling through the left and exhaling through the right.

Chandrabhedi Pranayama is a double win – it cools you down from the inside out and leaves you feeling calm and centred. Perfect for those hot days when you need a little extra peace! Remember to listen to your body and adjust the number of repetitions based on how you're feeling. And if you're new to pranayama, consider joining a prenatal yoga class – it's a great way to learn these techniques safely and effectively with other mamas-to-be!

Chandrabhedi pranayama

Do you have any final advice for pregnant women incorporating these techniques?

Absolutely! There are a few pieces of advice I would like to give on incorporating Sheetali and Chandrabhedi Pranayama into your summer routine. Remember, these are amazing tools, but listen to your body first! If you feel lightheaded or uncomfortable, stop and rest. Start slow, with a few rounds of each technique, and gradually increase as you get comfortable. Find a cool, breezy spot to practise, and don't forget to stay hydrated – water is your best friend! I also advise good supportive clothing in pregnancy especially when you are doing any yogic practices. A loose cotton top and pregnancy leggings are perfect for your pranayama practises.

 If you're new to pranayama or have any concerns, consider joining a prenatal yoga class. A qualified instructor can guide you safely and answer any questions you might have. By incorporating these techniques mindfully and with self-care in mind, you can transform the summer heat into a time for inner peace and refreshment. Remember, a cool and calm mommy leads to a happy and healthy mommy (and a happy little one on the way)!

In Conclusion: We Want to Hear From You!

 We are grateful to Ishita for having shared these invaluable tips to beat the summer heat for all you pregnant moms!  Sheetali and Chandrabhedi Pranayama are your secret weapons for beating the summer heat and staying cool from the inside out! 

Do you have any other tips for staying cool during pregnancy? Share them with your fellow mamas and let's build a summer survival guide together! 

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