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Nutritious Diet Plan for Fasting in Navratri

Navratri, a time of spiritual significance and fasting. Many regions in India observe fasting on all the 9 days. This is the time devotees worship the 9 avatars of Goddess Durga and the aromas of desi ghee and various delicacies fill the air. This is also the time most people give up non - vegetarian food and onion garlic.  Here's a comprehensive guide to crafting a wholesome diet plan for fasting in Navratri, along with sample meal ideas for a nourishing and satisfying experience! 

Diet Plan For Your 9 Day Navratri Fasting

Why do we fast in Navratri?

Fasting can be done for several reasons and they range from cultural to spiritual to religious. However, one aspect of fasting that is undeniable is detoxing the body and  purifying the body. It is very important to stay away from fried foods and focus on keeping the gut light and increase our metabolism and immunity!

What foods can you eat in Navratri fast?

During Navratri, the focus is often on consuming easily digestible foods that provide sustained energy throughout the day. Opting for nutrient-dense ingredients such as fruits, dairy products, nuts, and specific grains like kuttu, amaranth and ragi can help maintain a well-rounded and fulfilling diet during the fasting period. Stay away from tea, coffee, non vegetarian foods. Most cultures also avoid onion, garlic in their cooking. In simple words stick to sattvik foods according to Ayurveda. 

Here is a sample diet plan for your 9 day Navratri fasting!

Day 1: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water
  • Breakfast- Sabudana khichdi
  • Mid-Morning - Tender coconut water.
  • Lunch- Kuttu roti with bottle gourd vegetable.
  • Evening- Buttermilk
  • Before Dinner - 1-2 fruits
  • Dinner -Samak rice with carrot soup. 

Day 2: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water
  • Breakfast-KuttuDosa 
  • Mid-Morning - 1-2 fruits
  • Lunch- Ragi roti and potato sabji
  • Evening- Buttermilk
  • Before Dinner - Handful of dry fruits
  • Dinner -Samak rice with pumpkin curry.
navratri fasting recipes

Day 3: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast-Sabudana wada
  • Mid-Morning -Ghee roasted makhana
  • Lunch- Singhada (water chestnut) roti with potato curry
  • Evening- coconut water
  • Before Dinner - Peanuts and jaggery
  • Dinner -Rajgira kheer with drry fruits

Day 4: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast- Varai idli with coconut chutney
  • Mid-Morning -Fruit bowl
  • Lunch- Aloo kadhi with kuttu roti
  • Evening- Lemon water
  • Before Dinner - Few dry fruits
  • Dinner - Paneer tikka in ghee

Day 5: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast- Rajgira khichdi
  • Mid-Morning -Ghee roasted makhana
  • Lunch- Samak  rice pulao
  • Evening- Mint chaas
  • Before Dinner - Peanuts and jaggery
  • Dinner -Amaranth cheela with curd
Must include foods in navratri fasting

Day 6: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast- Sabudana vegetable khichdi
  • Mid-Morning -Coconut water
  • Lunch- Ragi roti and arbi sabji
  • Evening-Jeera water
  • Before Dinner - Roasted makhana
  • Dinner -Singhada dosa and coconut chutney

Day 7: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast-Lauki kheer
  • Mid-Morning -soaked almonds
  • Lunch- Kuttu puri and pumpkin sabji
  • Evening-Coconut water
  • Before Dinner - seasonal fruits
  • Dinner -Makhana kheer

Day 8: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast-Rajgira cheela
  • Mid-Morning -Ajwain water
  • Lunch-Kuttu roti with ashgourd curry
  • Evening-Coconut water
  • Before Dinner - Banana chips
  • Dinner -Samak rice and pumpkin curry

Day 9: 

  • On waking up: Glass of warm water.
  • Breakfast- Lauki paratha
  • Mid-Morning -Fruit salad
  • Lunch- Samak rice idli and potato curry
  • Evening-Chaas
  • Before Dinner - Cucumber salad
  • Dinner -Sweet potato cutlets with chutney or curd

We hope we sorted out your diet worries for the festival! Now you can focus on the Durga puja and garba-dandiya celebrations! Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and keeping yourself hydrated is an excellent way to fast and detoxify the body. Let us know in the comments about your favorite fasting recipes! Happy Navratri!

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