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Super cute pregnancy trends of 2023

During pregnancy, it's important to maintain confidence and feel good about yourself.

Dressing in comfortable and stylish maternity clothes can help you achieve this. Choose outfits that make you feel confident, comfortable and showcase your personal style.

1. Maternity Kurti :

Choose something you can be comfortable in at the same time embrace your changing body! Like this gorgeous must have Maternity Kurti from House of Zelena!

Choose cool colours like blue which are trendy and also the color of joy, sereneity and calmness! Everything that defines you as a mother. You should be able to breastfeed with ease and the kurti material should be safe and comfortable for the baby to cuddle!

Maternity Kurti is a must have for the 2023 mamma who chooses style as well as comfort!

2. Maxi Dresses:
Invest in essential pieces such as dresses that can be mixed and matched with different bottom wear and accessories.
Maxi dresses have always been a popular choice for pregnant women, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. Not only are they comfortable and flowy, but they're also incredibly versatile, making them perfect for everything from casual outings to more formal occasions.

Check out this Gorgeous Twinkle Pink maternity maxi dress flaunted by the gorgeous South Indian actress Sanjjanaa Galrani.

3. Floral Dresses:
Floral prints are always in style, and 2023 is no exception. Whether you opt for bold and bright prints or more subtle and delicate patterns, floral dresses are a perfect choice for spring and summer.

Check out the Amazing floral dresses from House of Zelena! Super cute for the trendy millennial moms!

4. AM PM Dresses:

For Mommies who prioritize Comfort over everything else! Non-Zip Breastfeeding Dresses that can be worn during the day, for a coffee date or even while lounging late evening!

These are stylish and trendy maternity dresses that will make any mom feel beautiful from inside out! Wear these to your office and they can double up as stylish evening wear for your night outs!

You need to own one of these or gift one of these for a Baby Shower! A feeding dress is one of those warm familiar timeless products that is always appreciated as a gift - which is why it makes the pretty gift to the new mom, pregnant woman, and breastfeeding mother, and for ethnic wear, casualwear, office wear or even day wear!

5. Feeding Dresses with Pockets:

Because 2023 moms need pockets! New-age moms choose these as they are suitable for most occasions from work to a casual outing with friends and family.

Its so trendy to have pockets on dresses which hold keys, sweets or even baby toy! Moms make sure to choose feeding dresses so you can comfortably feed your little one in style! Like this Super cute Feeding dress with pocket from House of Zelena!

6. Active Wear Maternity Dresses:

This is super trendy for 2023 moms! Its a must have for millennial moms who are always on the go! 

Active wear is a must have for the Moms who need maximum comfort as they move around all day - breastfeeding, lounging, shopping, working, or doing anything else under the sun! This Maternity Active Wear (athleisure collection) is your new best friend! Get yours today!!

7. Photoshoot Dresses:

Todays mothers want to document all their precious pregnancy moments! And what better way than doing a MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOT! You can breeze into a photoshoot and feel gorgeous while wearing maternity dresses designed to make you feel like a goddess! You are bound to turn heads where ever you go! Remember to choose dresses with pockets and nursing friendly so your baby is happy as well! How is this Cute Maternity Photoshoot dresses from House of Zelena for your next photoshoot!

You can get this premium maternity festive kurti - pant set Pritha loves here!

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How often do moms want to be trend setters?

Studies have shown that many women enjoy fashion during pregnancy and find it important to feel stylish and confident while their bodies are changing. In a survey conducted by the maternity clothing brand Seraphine, 84% of women said they felt more confident when they wore stylish maternity clothes. Another survey by the website BabyCenter found that 72% of pregnant women bought at least some new clothes during their pregnancy.

These findings suggest that a significant number of women enjoy fashion during pregnancy and see it as a way to feel confident and comfortable during this special time. It's important to note that fashion preferences and attitudes can vary among individuals, and each woman should choose the clothing that makes her feel her best during pregnancy.

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How to choose trends during pregnancy.

  1. Comfort should be your top priority when choosing pregnancy outfits. 
  2. Your regular size may not fit comfortably during pregnancy, so consider sizing up.
  3. Choose outfits that are appropriate for the weather in your area. Opt for lightweight fabrics during hot weather, and layer up with warm clothes during colder months.
  4. Choose outfits that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 
  5. Pregnancy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal style. Look for outfits that fit your personal style and make you feel confident and comfortable.
  6. Invest in some essential pieces, such as maternity jeans, leggings, and dresses that can be mixed and matched with different tops and accessories.
  7. Your undergarments are just as important as your outerwear. Invest in comfortable and supportive maternity bras and underwear that will  accommodate your changing body.
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Clothing Trends during pregnancy

Pregnancy clothing trends have evolved over the years to offer stylish and comfortable options for expecting mothers. Here are some of the clothing trends that have emerged in recent years:

  1. Athleisure: Comfortable and functional clothing such as leggings, sports bras, and loose-fitting tanks have become popular during pregnancy.

  2. Flowy and loose-fitting dresses: Dresses that are flowy and have plenty of room for a growing belly are a popular trend in pregnancy clothing.

  3. Crop tops: Crop tops designed for pregnant women have become a trendy option for those who want to show off their bump.

  4. Denim overalls: Denim overalls are a versatile and comfortable option that can be dressed up or down during pregnancy.

  5. Maternity jeans: Maternity jeans are designed to accommodate a growing belly and provide comfort and support.

  6. Neutral and muted tones: Simple and neutral tones such as black, white, and gray have become popular choices for pregnancy clothing.

  7. Sustainable and eco-friendly clothing: With a focus on environmental sustainability, eco-friendly maternity clothing made from organic cotton and other sustainable materials have gained popularity.

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