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Caring for Your Newborn: Learn From Expert Moms!

Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy! The first few weeks with a newborn are a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights, and endless questions. While it's a truly special time, it can also feel overwhelming. You will likely be bombarded with “well meaning advice” from elders, friends and even your friendly neighborhood auntie! You will likely be using google more than you ever have! Calling or visiting your pediatrician every other day is not possible for you. And all moms, especially the first time ones face this issue.

Does this sound like you? Don't worry, you are not alone! All new moms go through the same emotions, second guessing their every decision and wondering if they are doing it right. We are here to help you with a few tips that every new mom must know about her newborn baby!

Here are a few essential newborn care tips to get you started: 

Diapering : Newborns go through a lot of diapers! Be prepared for frequent changes and learn the signs of a dirty diaper (wetness, smell, or fussiness). Apply coconut oil or diaper cream to prevent rashes and give your baby some diaper-free time to let their skin breathe. Keep a diaper bin nearby for hygiene.

Feeding: Establishing a feeding routine takes time. Babies typically feed every 2-3 hours. Learn hunger cues like sucking on fists or crying, and don’t wake a baby from sleep to feed once they've regained their birth weight. 

Sleeping: Newborns sleep a lot, often in short bursts. Pay attention to sleep cues like rubbing eyes or yawning, and try to nap when your baby naps. Create a calm, safe sleep environment by placing your baby on their back in a crib without blankets or toys.

Bathing: Bathing doesn't need to be daily. Use warm water and gentle baby soap. For the first few weeks, sponge baths are sufficient until the umbilical cord stump falls off. Always check the water temperature with your elbow first.

Tummy Time: This strengthens your baby's neck and back muscles. Start with short sessions on a soft surface, gradually increasing as your baby gets stronger. Tummy time also helps with issues like colic pain. Tummy time should always be done under supervision for newborns!

But here's the most important part: We want to hear from YOU!

Moms, you've likely been there – feeling overwhelmed and wishing someone had shared those secret tips! When you were struggling to find answers that you know now! Now's your chance to pay it forward! Share your best newborn care advice which helped you deal with colic, sleep deprivation, blocked nose, breastfeeding or swaddling your baby!

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This article is endorsed by Dr.  Balakumari, a prominent OB-GYN from Chennai with 33 years of experience.

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  • Neha

    Hello lovely new mommies. as a mom of a 7 month old baby boy let me assure you IT GETS BETTER!! Now you are drowning in sleepless nights and feeding abd diapering and tummy time but it gets better. What i have realised is – when we are in the middle of it all- we tend to overlook the beauty in motherhood. we miss their little smiles, tiny hands, cuddles. We forget that we are their world- and we are not wrong. The work is so much that we cant look at the positives. I was that mom too! When i look at the baby pics I wonder how could i be so stressed with someone that cute! So my single most advice for entire motherhood is – Enjoy every phase – the highs and lows the good and bad. Everytime u are frustrated look at your babys tiny hands and everything seems better. All baby wants is the mom, when else will we ever experience such love! Just know that being a mother is a big priviledge and we should be grateful for it. The problem is – taking care of baby is not the issue – the issue is looking after everything else while taking care of baby!! So form a community around you – of moms of family of other kids! House of Zelena is doing so much for moms – be a part of it!

  • Sudha

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share a positive experience I’ve had. When I was searching for maternity wear, I fortunately came across Zelena dresses. At that time, I was 3 months postpartum and discovered a wonderful community there.

    Zelena has helped me a lot during this time. I found so many people in the same boat, sharing their experiences and chatting with each other. Mayura and Hina, in particular, were really supportive, and I made many friends through this group. It’s truly one of the best groups for mothers.

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    Best regards,

  • Shreeya

    Dear Mommies
    Always trust your instincts, you know your baby better then anyone else. Its you and your baby.
    Don’t let anybody else interfere. Stay strong. People will try to provide their unwanted advices but all you need to do is IGNORE. If you’re in doubt ask your peadtrician and nobody else.
    Also Take Care of yourself. Physically and Mentally . Post partum is tough. So if you need help don’t hesitate to ask. Post partum depression is real. Do not neglect it.
    And most important give yourself time to heal.

  • Bandana Sharma


    Please help me write an interesting, amazing and impressive comment for a blog post on newborn tips and tricks. Write some awesome tips for new moms which could help them
    Certainly! Here’s a detailed and engaging comment for a blog post on newborn tips and tricks:

    What an incredible resource for new moms! I love how comprehensive and supportive this guide is. As a new mom myself, I’ve found a few additional tips that have been absolute lifesavers:

    Establish a Routine Early: While newborns don’t adhere strictly to schedules, introducing a gentle routine can help both mom and baby adjust. Simple patterns like bath time followed by feeding and bedtime stories can provide a comforting structure.

    Baby Wearing: Using a baby carrier can be a game-changer. It keeps your hands free and provides the baby with the comfort of being close to you. Plus, it can be a huge help in soothing a fussy baby.

    Swaddle Smart: Swaddling can help newborns feel secure, mimicking the womb. Learning the perfect swaddle technique can make a significant difference in helping your baby sleep better.

    Nighttime Feed Prep: To make night feeds easier, prep bottles or have breastfeeding essentials ready. A small caddy with diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes by your bedside can also save you from late-night fumbling.

    Embrace Naps: Sleep when your baby sleeps. This advice is golden but often overlooked. Short naps throughout the day can help you stay refreshed and better able to care for your little one.

    Skin-to-Skin Contact: This is not only beneficial for bonding but also helps regulate your baby’s temperature and heartbeat. It’s a beautiful way to connect and soothe your newborn.

    Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Whether it’s from a lactation consultant, a postpartum doula, or family and friends, support is crucial. Joining a new mom group can also provide invaluable advice and camaraderie.

    Self-Care is Essential: Remember, a happy mom means a happy baby. Take time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Read a book, take a walk, or simply relax with a cup of tea.

    Thank you for sharing such insightful tips! It’s communities like this that make the journey of motherhood a little easier and a lot more joyful.

  • Swati

    Helloooo lovely new moms. All I can say is please don’t get anxious! This is my biggest regret as I look back! We always worry if baby is okay if milk supply is fine, if weight gain is fine and so much. But don’t worry. You will have very less sleep so understand that getting rest should be most important. Also you will still look pregnant so you might feel sad that you don’t look like yourself. You will miss the earlier woman you were but now you are a mom. You are someone’s world. Listen to only 2 people – your own self and pediatrician. Elders will give you hundreds of advice just don’t listen unless u agree. Colic is a bad experience so please get help. Join a mom community like zactive moms. I understood I’m not alone and all babies cry! Sometimes we do everything right but still they cry! So knowing this is normal and happens to all babies is very useful. Attend sessions like House of zelena conducts for moms. I feel very relaxed knowing all is well. As my baby grows older I will still share my journey with you all! Enjoy motherhood!

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