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Caring for Your Newborn: Learn From Expert Moms!

Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy! The first few weeks with a newborn are a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights, and endless questions. While it's a truly special time, it can also feel overwhelming. You will likely be bombarded with “well meaning advice” from elders, friends and even your friendly neighborhood auntie! You will likely be using google more than you ever have! Calling or visiting your pediatrician every other day is not possible for you. And all moms, especially the first time ones face this issue.

Does this sound like you? Don't worry, you are not alone! All new moms go through the same emotions, second guessing their every decision and wondering if they are doing it right. We are here to help you with a few tips that every new mom must know about her newborn baby!

Here are a few essential newborn care tips to get you started: 

Diapering : Newborns go through a lot of diapers! Be prepared for frequent changes and learn the signs of a dirty diaper (wetness, smell, or fussiness). Apply coconut oil or diaper cream to prevent rashes and give your baby some diaper-free time to let their skin breathe. Keep a diaper bin nearby for hygiene.

Feeding: Establishing a feeding routine takes time. Babies typically feed every 2-3 hours. Learn hunger cues like sucking on fists or crying, and don’t wake a baby from sleep to feed once they've regained their birth weight. 

Sleeping: Newborns sleep a lot, often in short bursts. Pay attention to sleep cues like rubbing eyes or yawning, and try to nap when your baby naps. Create a calm, safe sleep environment by placing your baby on their back in a crib without blankets or toys.

Bathing: Bathing doesn't need to be daily. Use warm water and gentle baby soap. For the first few weeks, sponge baths are sufficient until the umbilical cord stump falls off. Always check the water temperature with your elbow first.

Tummy Time: This strengthens your baby's neck and back muscles. Start with short sessions on a soft surface, gradually increasing as your baby gets stronger. Tummy time also helps with issues like colic pain. Tummy time should always be done under supervision for newborns!

But here's the most important part: We want to hear from YOU!

Moms, you've likely been there – feeling overwhelmed and wishing someone had shared those secret tips! When you were struggling to find answers that you know now! Now's your chance to pay it forward! Share your best newborn care advice which helped you deal with colic, sleep deprivation, blocked nose, breastfeeding or swaddling your baby!

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This article is endorsed by Dr.  Balakumari, a prominent OB-GYN from Chennai with 33 years of experience.

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  • Anika Vipul Khatri

    For the soon to be moms
    You can use the ovulation testing kit from I know , start checking once you finish your periods , continue for 5 -7 days , the day you get 2 pink lines consider that positive for ovulation , from then on you can be in contact either for 4-5 days.

    Change in period cycle length , and flow change and also pain requires examination through USG , to rule out the causes and ,

    Balance your diet,
    Do yoga
    And meanwhile you can try seed cycling it helps to regulate cycles , reduce pain and helps in timely ovulation , also helps in endometrium lining build up
    My Story— Tried for 3 years

    Then I went and before that we had tried and didn’t get any result so last time I went I told him and myself ki let’s take a break and only be intimate for ourselves not make baby the main motive of being together. I got a better job, made better friends, planned trips which both of us enjoyed. Basically did things that made me happy. That got translated to work as well I was appreciated and my company put me on re-hire whenever I get back. Planned a trip, only had positive vibes and without any expectation we conceived when we were least expecting it.
    So moral of the story is that prioritise your relationship first and do things that make you happy. Join classes wear House of Zelena Leggings do courses or learn a new skill via YouTube. Focus on your diet, husband and your happiness and positive things will follow.
    Also universe will bless you when you least expect it. Just keep believing. ♥️

  • Samridhi Malhotra

    Hello bello to all mommies out there!
    Young, new or old..
    For your child, you’re special and pure gold. :)
    Keeping the precious self-thought and written words in mind, a mother should know and believe in one and the most important thing that she knows her child the best. Being a mom specially to a newborn can be overwhelming at many times if not all. Hence, listen to your gut and observe your baby. You will get plethora of advices from across the world but you need to keep your open for only those who you think are actually concerned about you.
    And I repeat take cues from your baby! Every baby is different.
    First of all, take into consideration the advices you get from the elderly woman mom and mom in law keeping your paediatrician in loop. Yes, it is important. Just negating those experienced women is a big mistake. सुनो , समझो और जो सबसे सही लगे वह करो। कभी कभी उन्हें समझाना और समझना मुश्किल होता है ।Don’t hesitate in asking the questions about anything and everything from your paed, no matter how silly and lame they seem to be. Never hesitate in admitting that you need help around, whether from your partner, family or friend. Let your partner know the child is “ours” not “yours” or “mine”, before delivery itself.
    Also, the 40 days after delivery shall be responsible for 40 years after your delivery. So, make the best of them. Take rest, eat healthy, take it a little slow and dont be worried about your body shape and size. You just let out a human which is no joke so dont make it sound like one. Do have warm jeera/saunf/ajwain water. Try junk food as you might digest it but your baby shall find it cumbersome to do so and be troubled.
    Post 40 days, start doing the regular household chores for comparatively shorter durations, walk for 20 minutes and eat well. As far as baby is concerned, go with his/her pace and dont be a part of rat race in case of achieving milestones.
    Also, be part Zactive moms’ community which works as help and go to stress reliever many a times. :)


    Hello new mom’s out there, if you are reading this than you are at right place to start your journey.
    Many many tons of thanks goes to House of Zelena on creating this wonderful idea of community group and doing amazing ample of great work for Best Health of an Women

    It very important for women after giving birth to feel confident and strong. The time have changed where pregnancy & post partum care being taken from the elders and experienced ladies of house to new aged modern mom’s & her ways of handling & dealing with it is such an exponential style of upbringing in 21st century newborns

    It is important to educate yourself about this phase of life with your newborn and expectations from supporting family.

    Below down I have listed tips and tricks which I have received from amazing mom’s of our group where last one is very important and useful.

    Advices like experimenting on food, dairy & it’s products & meat doesn’t create gas or colic to newborn but yes notice it for mother’s digestion as internal system is coming back to its place.

    Secondly if newborn is crying then check for few checklist options like wrapping correctively, prevent newborn exertion for overstimulation, overheating, overdoing of tummy time, blocked nose; instead give more cuddles and hugs and calm them with mother’s voice and touch. It’s not about kalajaddu, or nazar laggai or something sacred.

    Thirdly, no kajal, no talcum, no earbuds, no putting/allow finger in newborns eyes, ears, mouth, nose, genitals or anal areas, you might damage it. No scrubbing, scrapping, brushing, wiping hard over newborn skin, gradually skin will be ok.
    Newborn may have hairfall, whitening spots, acne, etc bcoz of mother’s hormones settling down; nothing to get worried about.

    Fourth, don’t put pressure on yourself regarding baby weight, growth and development. Every child have at its own period.

    And lastly Trust yourself and on your milk supply, don’t doubt. It’s all in head.

    Take expert Lactation consultant advice and Pediatrician help if you seek medical help or an modern day advice from our mom’s. Keep resting, testing and destressing.

  • Aditi

    moms if you have a newborn baby firstly congrats! Yes it is a very happy time but few advice for looking after your baby! newborn feeds very often sometimes every 30 mins so dont worry. your milk supply is fine just because baby is feeding often doesnt mean milk supply is less. and if elders pressurize you for weird things like give baby honey and bal gutti for colic please dont listen, i have this trick that I use – I pass the blame to the doctor. Just say – pediatrican has said no! It works every time. Have a separate room to yourself when baby naps as it helps baby to sleep in quiet environment. in the end all the care taking falls on the mom only so you have to take the decisions for your own self. also will advice – join mom groups! nowadays we need to feel in connect with real moms so we are mentally also okay. after having baby life changes for women and we need time and support to deal with this. other moms when they tell us its okay and support us, its all that matters. so remember its a phase and it will pass. click many pictures of yourself also even if u feel you are not looking good. Trust me you will miss this age the most!

  • Kavita

    As a mom who recently went through the newborn stage, I want to share a few more tips that really helped me, and I hope they’ll be useful for you too.

    Using a baby carrier or wrap was a game-changer for me. Baby wearing allowed me to keep my baby close while having my hands free to get things done around the house. It also seemed to comfort my baby and helped him sleep better. Plus, having him snuggled up close made me feel more connected to him throughout the day.

    Another thing that worked wonders was using a white noise machine. The constant, soothing sound mimicked the environment of the womb and helped my baby sleep more soundly. It also drowned out other household noises that might disturb his sleep, which was a lifesaver.

    In the evenings, I noticed my baby tended to feed more frequently, a pattern known as cluster feeding. It was exhausting but completely normal. I found that embracing this routine and settling in with some snacks, water, and good shows or a book made it more manageable. It became a cozy time for us to bond.

    Starting tummy time early was also beneficial. It helped strengthen my baby’s neck and back muscles. I began with just a few minutes a day and gradually increased the time as he got stronger. A fun way to do this is by lying on your back and placing your baby on your chest. He loved looking up at me while doing his little workout!

    When things got overwhelming, taking breaks was crucial. If you can, have someone watch the baby while you step outside for a few minutes to recharge. It’s amazing what a bit of fresh air and a short walk can do for your sanity.

    Breastfeeding was a challenge at first, and I didn’t hesitate to reach out to a lactation consultant. Their advice and support made a huge difference, and I felt much more confident and comfortable afterward.

    Lastly, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and nourished; it’s easy to neglect your own needs when you’re focused on your baby. And try to capture these fleeting moments – take lots of photos and videos, and maybe even keep a journal of milestones and special times. The newborn stage goes by so quickly, and these memories will be precious.

    I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me. Remember, every baby is different, so trust your instincts and enjoy these precious moments!

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