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Being a Working Mom is Good for Kids! Here's Why!



Amisha Shah, a dedicated working mom, sipping her coffee while simultaneously helping her child with homework. In the whirlwind of meetings and mommy duties, she often wonders if her choice to work enhances or hinders her child's well-being. The dilemma is universal – do kids of working moms fare better, or is there an unseen toll on their upbringing? Let's unravel the complexities and address the genuine concerns that mothers face when balancing career and parenting.

Concerns Working Moms Commonly Highlight:

1. Time crunch and working moms:

The perpetual worry about time – will the limited hours in a day impact a child's emotional and intellectual development?The constant debate – is it about the quality of time spent with a child, or does the quantity of hours invested truly matter?

Picture this: You are rushing through morning routines and feeling pressed for time  before sending your child to school. By the time you are done with office work, child is too tired to engage with you. 

2. Guilt and working moms:


 The guilt, an uninvited guest in the working mom's mind. Will working equate to missed football games and school events, affecting the parent-child bond?

Picture this: You missed your child’s school play or sports day due to work commitment. Your child was looking forward to having you in the audience, and you wonder if it was the right decision you made.

3. Societal judgements on working moms:

Will the decision to work influence how a child is perceived, or worse, impact their self-esteem?

Picture this: You send your child to day care or you have a nanny who looks after your child and you constantly hear elders and your neighbour aunty who feel you are so “selfish” that you let your child be raised by others. 

real facts on working moms

Demystifying The Impact of Working Moms on Kids!

1. Quality trumps quantity:


Research indicates that the quality of interaction matters more than the quantity of time spent.  

Try these tips!

  • Make a conscious effort to unplug from screens and distractions, focusing on meaningful conversations and shared activities with your child.
  • Create rituals like movie nights, pizza party or sunday ice-creams to make lasting memories.
  • In the midst of a hectic schedule, find small pockets of time for focused interaction. It could be a quick chat during car rides, a shared hobby, or even involving your child in daily tasks like cooking, turning routine moments into quality moments.

2. Working moms are powerful role models to kids:


According to a Harvard Business School study, daughters of working mothers are more likely to be employed and hold supervisory roles. Sons, on the other hand, tend to contribute more to household chores and spend more time caring for family members.

  • Children of working moms tend to develop a strong work ethic and ambition. Witnessing their mother pursue professional goals encourages them to set and strive for their aspirations.
  • Working moms contribute to dismantling gender stereotypes by demonstrating that both men and women can excel in their careers and share family responsibilities. This fosters a more inclusive mindset in the next generation.

3. Kids of working moms tend to be more independant:


  • Kids of working moms often exhibit higher levels of independence and resilience. Witnessing a mother manage career and family responsibilities imparts valuable life skills.
  • The dynamic challenges working moms navigate daily provide a real-world lesson in problem-solving. Children often observe and absorb these critical thinking skills, preparing them for challenges in their own lives.
  • Growing up with a mom who juggles multiple roles fosters higher levels of independence and adaptability in the kids. 

Are Kids of Working Moms Really More Capable?

Harvard Business School Professor Kathleen McGinn hopes the findings bring a big sigh of relief for guilt-ridden mothers who either have to hold down a job to make ends meet or simply choose to work outside the home while raising their children.

It's about finding the right balance that fits what you believe and your situation. Even though it can be hard sometimes, when moms feel satisfied and powerful, it often helps kids become strong and handle things well. The important thing is to not believe in false ideas, focus on the good things, and tell a story that celebrates the special mix of being a provider and a caregiver. In the big picture of being a parent, working moms are creating their own unique story.

What's your story? Share in comments! 

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  • Apeksha

    Hi nice article, working mom. Here and guilt is so much. Thought of quitting so many times but I like to work. This is helpful!

  • Sameera

    Lovely write up! Im a working mom and just started work. Its very hard and I feel guilty about saying bye to my son everyday but work gives me happiness!

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