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A Mother’s wildest Postpartum Thoughts.

“Even though you’re surrounded by your loved ones and your precious bundle of joy, the feeling of loneliness is very overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone.”

—Haley Gray

While it’s a dream come true for many women to be a mom, it’s quite overwhelming and anxious to be one in reality, especially for the first time.  With very less knowledge of what’s going to happen during your first pre and post natal period, everyone remains with a lot of questions and queries at heart and mind. 

The anxiety levels of each mom varies in different levels. Most of them have less of emotional balance during these postpartum period.

Reasons of postpartum


  • The physical hurt a women undergoes during postpartum is unexplainable.   She bears wounds of her delivery and no matter what kind of delivery it is, giving birth hurts.    

  • A sense of inner thought that no one understands you, persist within a new mom during postpartum, causing insecurity


  • The emotional imbalance due to a perplexed state of mind is another significant one. Confused, as of what role she should accomplish— a mom, a partner, a daughter and much more.

  • Often other’s opinion of the baby, . approach a new mom as a blame. This causes loneliness and feeling of betrayal
Perplexed with the bundle of love in hand
With a lot of wildest dreams a mom is burdened up

Postpartum and the society!

Hey people!!!  being a new mom isn’t easy, but with you at our side there’s a chance it can be different. 
The world at large, plays a significant role in a women’s postpartum journey. Postpartum is a time when women have doubts in their own existence and happiness.

  1. A new mom is not always ready to fetch in every blame on her. She expects a hand that’s going to hold her from the brutal pleasures of the society and a lending ear that’s going to listen her out. 
  2. The unpleasant questions on the body of a new mom, the cruel comments on the traits of the new born are all a normalised gesture in today’s society, that has to be thrown down the Cliff. 
With no clarity of view

A happy postpartum.

A happy postpartum is so close to a myth these days, but with a slightest effort it can be practised well. Every postpartum will have it’s own possibilities of insecurities and instabilities. Understanding what you are is going to bring a lot of difference in the case of post natal pressure.

  1. Understanding your pregnancy: The fact that you are not going to be as normal and sweet as you are on a normal day is what you got to understand and work on.
  2. Helping Hands: You need a right person to share your emotions with, to finely understand you and realise that it’s the mood swings that’s making you do the crazy things.   
  3. Make your partner understand pregnancy and postpartum: A good discussion on what you feel and what it actually is, will help a mom deal the chaos much easier. 
  4. A happy family can only be brought into existence with everyone being equally happy. When you realise that you need space and time to overcome what you are undergoing, understand that the other person also needs time and opportunity to understand the change within you. 
  5. Not everything that’s said, is for you. People have different opinions, choices and areas of interests just like you. Society hardly understands the other end of the story. Fortunately you know what you are. Trust and blindly believe in yourself, your potential is high enough, for you can meet your wishes. Don’t take everything in your surroundings personally. Understand it’s their opinion and you differ from what they are. 
  6.  Body positivity. A new mom is surviving her wounds, balancing her emotions and tracking down her life. For the happiest positivity, share a space for your body too. Your body is healing and is beautiful, no matter what others say. 

A new mom being offered nothing but questions on her individuality and blame on her new role is quite unfortunate. The moments that she longed to remain the happiest with her bundle of joy ends up often in clustered emotions and not knowing how to flush it off. This is the sad reality in our society. Inspite of plenty of awareness programs and other activities still the society remains unchanged. Remember, you and I together make this society, so let us be the change and bring postpartum positivity. 

Smile wide!!  You are the best mom, your baby could ever get. Comment down some of your best and worst situations from society, that you’ll never forget and would like to share with other young moms. 
Happy parenting. Happy postpartum. 

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