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5 useful breastfeeding tips for working moms!

Life of a new mom! Filled with uncertainties, new experiences and challenges all the while marvelling at the bundle of joy you created! Some mothers choose to be stay at home moms and nurture their little one full time. However some mothers are faced with another challenge to add to the list - returning to work after a maternity break. Its not an easy decision by any means. Leaving behind your baby and going to work is a rollercoaster of emotions. 

The American Association of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby's life. After 6 months breastfeeding can be continued as complementary source of nutrition for 2 years and beyond. 

World Health Organisation recommend continuing breastfeeding for at least 1 year of a baby's life. Which brings mothers to another dilemma - how do you continue breastfeeding when work resumes! 

Read on to know what other working moms are doing!

According to a research conducted by Medela Kin the below findings were reported:

staistics on breastfeeding moms

Here are some research statistics to shed the reality on how many women are able to breastfeed and continue working after childbirth.

  1. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) conducted in 2015-16 only around 54.9% of infants under 6 months of age were exclusively breastfed. This falls short of the WHO recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months.
  2. Many working mothers in India face difficulties in breastfeeding due to lack of maternity leave, proper lactation facilities, and understanding employers. A study by PATH and UNICEF in 2018 highlighted that only about 40% of women in the formal sector have access to paid maternity leave.
  3. The availability of supportive environments for breastfeeding at workplaces remains limited. A survey by Medela India in 2019 found that around 34% of Indian women received less than 3 months of maternity leave.
  4. According to the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017, employers in India are required to provide women with breastfeeding breaks during the workday.
  5. Government initiatives such as the "MAA" (Mothers’ Absolute Affection) program have aimed to promote breastfeeding across India. Awareness campaigns and support for lactation spaces have been launched to encourage and facilitate breastfeeding.
back to work checklist for working mom

This world breastfeeding week, we asked mothers at the Zactive mom community, how was their experience with breastfeeding while working and what advice can they give to other mothers in the same position! Here are the top 5 advices from real moms who are going through it all! 
Read to the end for some extra super useful tips on breastfeeding for working moms!

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5 tips to breastfeed in public confidently by Zactive moms!

We spoke to mothers in the  Zactive mom community this month on their breastfeeding experiences. Here is a list of practical things you can do which will boost your confidence about breastfeeding your baby in public!

If you are working from office:

pumping schedule for breastfeeding mom

If you need to go to office for work, there are 2 scenarios! 

  • You can take your baby with you and keep them in a creche near your office
  • You leave the baby with a caregiver at home.

In case you are taking the baby with you to office and keeping in a creche nearby here is what you can do!

  1. Invest in good quality nursing clothes and maternity bra:

These specially designed outfits grant easy access and save time during nursing or pumping sessions, ensuring convenience in a busy work environment. Comfortable maternity bras provide the needed support and adaptability for changing breast sizes. By wearing these functional yet stylish options, working mothers exude confidence and professionalism while efficiently managing breastfeeding commitments. This choice reduces stress and enhances the overall breastfeeding experience, all while maintaining a polished appearance.

  1. Plan baby's feeding schedule:

Since baby is going to be near your workplace in a creche, you can request for feeding breaks to your employer to physically visit and feed your baby. Most babies will require atleast 4 feeds in 8 hours. You can time these around your meetings and other commitments. Request your employer to be flexible with you in case you require a feeding break. 

The best tip is that you can feed the baby before you leave for work!

You can carry breast milk to work in breast milk storage bags. These sterilised bags make sure the temperature of the milk doesn’t change. These can be given to your creche caregivers who can feed the baby on demand in case you cant reach in time. 

The feeding time can be timed with your lunch break, coffee break etc to make it easier. However, don't neglect your own needs in this. You will have to eat yourself and take some mental breaks as well in this process.

In case baby is going to stay at home with a caregiver:

  1. Invest in good quality electric breast pump:

Check if you have a private area in office to pump at work. You will need to talk to the HR to get yourself 15-20 mins break every 3 hours to pump. An electric breast pump will save the time and the manual effort of actually pumping which in itself is a draining task. 

Build a stock of breastmilk in the refrigerator. Start expressing your milk at least 1 week before you resume work. 

Get your baby used to a bottle or a bowl and spoon to consume the pumped milk. Ask your babysitter/ husband or caregiver who is going to look after the baby to start feeding expressed milk in your presence. Many babies take time to accept this change so be patient.
At work, when you need to pump to empty your breast, try to carry your baby's photo or clothing. It helps to feel close to baby and deal with the extreme emotions of sadness and guilt of not having baby near. Be strong! 

decision tree for breastfeeding moms

Work from home moms:

4. Create a workplace that is baby and breastfeeding friendly:

Set up a comfortable and quiet space where you can work and nurse your baby. Having a designated area helps create boundaries and reduces distractions. Its better to set up a workspace on the ground level so baby can be kept nearby while working!

Prepare snacks, water, and any necessary breastfeeding supplies near your workspace to avoid interruptions when hunger strikes or your baby needs to feed.

5. Have a word with your employer on some work arrangements:

Use tools like video calls, messaging apps, and emails to stay connected with colleagues while also being available for your baby's needs. 

You can request for video to be kept off in case you have an office meeting and baby needs a feed, 

Negotiate flexible work hours if possible, allowing you to tend to your baby's needs while ensuring your work gets done.

Use to-do lists, calendars, or digital apps to manage tasks, deadlines, and baby-related responsibilities.

Bonus tips to stay a zactive breastfeeding mom at work!

bonus tips to stay zactive at breastfeeding

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