The Nursing Cover - An essential item for hospital bag nobody talks about!

The Nursing Cover - An essential item for hospital bag nobody talks about!

Babies! We love them! 

But babies can get hungry anytime anywhere! And for babies younger than 6 month, breastmilk is the only source of nutrition if you are breastfeeding! Its impractical to expect mothers to stay in the house only for such long periods!

As soon as baby is born they will need round the clock feeding! But we all know, arrival of baby means arrival of visitors and well wishers who all want to see your bundle of joy! So here is an essential item every mother needs to add to her hospital bag for all those times when baby will not wait to be fed!

What is it you ask?


Once you have a baby, you will quickly learn to adapt. However your baby isn't there quite yet! They wont know that you are on the road or a park or the airport and they will be hungry and cry to be fed. We all know how rare it is to find breastfeeding stations or clean rooms to breastfeed in privacy in India. I also know mothers who go to the restrooms in malls or restaurants to feed babies!

It should not be this hard moms. You should breastfeed in public with confidence. And a nursing cover aids in just that!

What is a nursing cover?

Its essentially like a blanket that goes over one or both shoulders and covers the baby and your body upto your belly. This lets baby feed in peace while not compromising on privacy.


Here are 5 reasons you need this nursing cover! 

1. Nursing cover fosters bonding with your baby!

Breastfeeding is an intimate bonding time for mother and baby. It is recommended that mothers feed babies breastmilk exclusively for the first six months of their life. Sometimes when babies are teething or having growth spurts, they feed continuously and nursing covers aid in doing that without compromising on privacy. 

The USP of House of Zelena's Honeycomb nursing cover is that - Baby can look outside and see the mother which isn't available in any other nursing cover in India. This helps baby feel connected to mother and bond whereas the outside world isn't able to look inside - which protects mother's privacy! This is a win-win moms!

Take a look at the Honeycomb design here!

a woman wearing black nursing cover

2. This nursing cover is multipurpose!

Mothers love all things multipurpose! And this one fits the bill! You can use it in a variety of ways!

  • Use it as a cover while you breastfeed.
  • Use it like a stylish top.
  • You can cover spit ups / breastmilk leaks.
  • You can use it to cover baby when he/she sleeps.
  • It can act like a protective cover for baby when its cold. 
2 women with differently styled nursing cover

3. Nursing cover provides calm distraction free environment for baby to feed!

Lot of babies get distracted when they feed, If you have a fussy baby or a baby who has difficulty latching, you will thank yourself for buying this! As a matter of fact, all babies benefit from a calm environment for feeding!

Using this nursing cover, your baby will be able to feed without the noise and visual distractions of the outside world while focusing on the only thing that needs their attention - their food!

A well fed baby is a happy baby! 

4. You can move around even when you are feeding baby!

How many times have you seen mothers sitting for hours in the same position feeding baby?

Sometimes babies breastfeed to sleep and that time it can take a long time mother is confined to a position which can get very uncomfortable. I have a baby who would feed to sleep and there were days I could not do anything as breastfeeding took up all my time. This nursing cover comes to your rescue!

With its 360 degree coverage, it provides for the right fit on every occasion. The best part? This nursing cover is made with a stretchable poly-cotton blend that can accommodate all body sizes comfortably. Its memory feature ensures it bounces back to its original position, providing a snug fit that stays in place during feeding! 

So get up, move around, take a short walk, this nursing cover gives you the freedom to move!

woman walking wearing a nursing cover

5. Lets admit - Nursing covers look so stylish!

Who says moms need to wear pajamas, over size t-shirts and a mom bun!! Today's moms prefer style with functionality and this is exactly what you get! 

This nursing cover is made up of soft lightweight honeycomb fabric which ensures highest breathability and looks oh so stylish! 

Even though you should buy this for your baby, you can sport this as a fashion statement too!

How do I choose the right nursing cover?

Here are some tips to help you choose!

  1. Good quality soft fabric with high breathability.
  2. Provides you full coverage, till your belly and stays in place when you move around.
  3. Is easy to wash and maintain.
  4. Retains its shape.
  5. Ensures baby can see you so they feel safe.
  6. Light weight and easy to fold so you can easily carry it around!
  7. Versatile and multipurpose in use.
  8. Super stylish and yet afforadable.

A good nursing cover needs to provide adequate coverage - from front, sides and back - so that you are comfortable breastfeeding in public. Which is why we have put in so much effort to provide you with the best while still keeping up with fashion!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and World health Organisation, it is recommended that babies are exclusively breastfed for the first 6 month with continued breastfeeding along with complementary solid foods for 2 years or longer. 

Which means its a great idea to invest in a couple of these nursing covers to ensure you are confident and looked after in your breastfeeding journey! 

What's more: Did you know these nursing covers will look super fab even on Indian festive wear? Why don't you try it out and send us a picture on and we will feature you on our instagram story!

Happy Breastfeeding Moms!

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