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zipless nursing dress

Zipless Maternity Clothes: Why They're Trending Among Moms.

Maternity fashion has come a long way, and one of the latest trends making waves among expectant mothers is zipless maternity wear

“ I find zipless nursing clothes very comfortable for breastfeeding as I don't have to worry about my baby getting hurt by the zipper or the zipper getting worn out by washing!” shared Dr Yesha Gandhi, one of the mothers from our zactive mom community.

These innovative garments are designed to provide comfort and style during pregnancy and beyond. In this blog, we'll explore why zipless maternity clothes are gaining popularity and why they've become a staple in many moms' wardrobes.

1.Comfort is Key .

One of the primary reasons zipless maternity clothes are trending is the unbeatable comfort they offer. During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes significant changes, and traditional clothing with zippers, buttons, or tight waistbands can become uncomfortable. Zipless maternity wear eliminates these discomforts with stretchy, breathable fabrics and designs that adapt to a growing belly.

“I love the zipless AM PM dresses which allow me to go from office to evening outings effortlessly while being a nursing mom!” shares Jyoti Jindal, mom of an 8 month old baby!

2. Ease of access.

Zipless nursing clothes typically feature discreet, easy-to-use openings for breastfeeding. These openings are strategically placed, allowing mothers to nurse their babies quickly and conveniently without the need for zippers, buttons, or complicated clasps. This easy access is especially valuable when feeding a hungry baby on-demand, whether in public or at home.

3. Nurse discreetly.

Zipless nursing clothes often include cleverly designed flaps or layers that provide coverage while breastfeeding. This added coverage allows moms to nurse discreetly in public settings without exposing too much skin. It helps breastfeeding moms feel more confident and comfortable when nursing in front of others.

4.Accomodate the changed postpartum body.

Zipless nursing clothes often have designs that make the transition from pregnancy to postpartum life seamless. The stretchy materials allow for a forgiving fit, accommodating fluctuations in body size that can occur in the weeks and months following childbirth. This means that moms can continue to wear their favorite zipless nursing pieces even after their baby arrives.

“My body changed so much after delivery. None of the clothes seemed to have the right fit. Its very important to find the right clothes to fit your changed body,” shares Manisha Sharma, a zactive community mom. 

5.They are practical and convenient to use.

Zipless nursing clothes are incredibly practical for everyday life. When your baby is hungry, you can quickly and easily nurse without struggling with buttons or snaps. This convenience is especially appreciated during nighttime feedings when you want to minimize disruption and get back to sleep as soon as possible.

6. Perfect for the stylish millennial mom!

Many zipless nursing clothes are fashion-forward and chic, catering to modern moms who want to maintain their style while breastfeeding. These garments come in a variety of trendy designs, colors, and patterns, ensuring that nursing moms don't have to compromise on fashion to meet their baby's needs.

7. Encourages mothers to breastfeed babies.

According to a survey published in “The Hindu”. only 6% Indian mothers are comfortable with breastfeeding in public. 47% reported uncomfortable stares as the reason. 

“I have breastfed my baby only once in public as I felt clothes were uncomfortable. I  was more worried about whether people can see through”, confided one of our zactive community moms.

The ease and convenience of zipless nursing clothes can encourage and support breastfeeding mothers. When the process is simplified and comfortable, moms are more likely to breastfeed for longer durations, which offers numerous health benefits to both mother and baby.

In conclusion:

Zipless maternity clothes are making a significant impact in the world of maternity fashion. Their emphasis on comfort, versatility, body positivity, style, and convenience has captured the hearts of expectant mothers. As this trend continues to gain momentum, more and more moms are enjoying the benefits of zipless maternity wear, allowing them to look and feel their best throughout their pregnancy journey.

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    Excellent collection. I have purchased zipless clothes and its must buy for breastfeeding moms

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    Love the zipless collection House of Zelena has! Good quality fabric and easy to nurse the baby!

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    I am a regular customer of house of zelena and i love the clothes! The zipless clothes are excellent quality, long zips, easy to feed. must buy for all new moms!

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