Back to office wardrobe as a breastfeeding mom!

Back to office wardrobe as a breastfeeding mom!

Being a new mother is not easy, and you wont really understand it till you have lived it!

My mother always told me, “You will understand when you become a mom one day!”. While my teenage self would roll her eyes, my 30 year old self knows she was right! There are sleepless nights, often unsolicited advice from “well meaning” loved ones and if you are breastfeeding, there are numerous less talked about issues to deal with. Add to it another feather in your cap- to manage a job! 

Choosing the right wardrobe for your workplace will help make this task easier and more organised.

So why do you need a nursing friendly wardrobe in the first place?

Nursing moms often require specially designed clothes to cater to the specific needs and challenges they face during the breastfeeding period. Here are some reasons why such clothing is beneficial along with the buying guides! 

Happy Shopping! Read till the end for a super cool nursing wear nobody will tell you about!

  1. Back to office nursing wear should address postpartum skin sensitivity!

After giving birth, hormonal changes, stress, and the physical demands of caring for a newborn can make the skin more sensitive and prone to irritation. The breast area can also get prone to chaffing and discomfort due to nipple irritation. Which is why choose clothing in fabrics that are gentle on your skin! Which ones you ask? Here you go!

Cotton: Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric that is gentle on the skin. It allows air to circulate, preventing moisture buildup, which can be particularly beneficial for nursing moms who may experience fluctuations in body temperature. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin. Its soft and smooth texture minimizes friction, reducing the risk of chafing and discomfort.

Check out these stylish cotton maternity kurtis for your wardrobe!

Premium Rayon:  Premium rayon, derived from natural sources like bamboo, is another excellent option for postpartum skin sensitivity. It is known for its softness and silk-like feel, providing comfort against sensitive skin. Like cotton, rayon is breathable and moisture-wicking, helping to keep the skin dry and cool. It is also less likely to cling to the body, allowing for better airflow and reducing the risk of skin irritation.

Get your stunning maternity wear in this skin friendly fabric now!

Cotton Blend: Fabrics that combine cotton with other materials can offer the benefits of both fibers. For example, a cotton blend with spandex or elastane provides stretch and flexibility, making it ideal for nursing clothes that need to accommodate changes in body size and shape. Cotton blends can also enhance the durability and longevity of clothing, ensuring they maintain their softness and comfort through multiple washes.

These beautiful Honeycomb multipurpose nursing covers made in cotton blend fabric are a must have! These are the best nursing covers for pumping at work! 

    2. Your wardrobe should be functional!

  1. Easy breastfeeding access: Specially designed nursing clothes typically have discreet openings, such as flaps, zippers, or snaps, strategically placed to allow easy access for breastfeeding without the need to fully undress. This convenience is especially useful when nursing in public or during outings.

  2. Privacy and comfort: Nursing clothes offer more coverage and discretion while breastfeeding, providing moms with increased privacy and comfort. This can help mothers feel more at ease and confident while nursing in various settings.

  3. Support and functionality: Nursing bras and tops are constructed with features like built-in support, adjustable straps, and stretchy fabrics to accommodate fluctuations in breast size and provide optimal comfort during breastfeeding sessions.

Here are some super gorgeous outfits to perk up your style Instantly!

Check out these nursing kurtis with zips! They give you a formal look and with easy access to the breast, it makes pumping at work a breeze!

Pair these with leggings or mom jeans and transform your look from a mom next door to a runway model!

Prefer Zipless! We have so many options for you to choose from!  You can choose the one you like and pair it with a midi skirt to create a glam look for your workday!

    3. It should be multilayered and professional looking!

Is it too much to ask?? We say - Not at all! You want it, we have it! 

Think A-line dresses, solid colours and prints, and outfits that can be styled differently depending on your mood, time of the day and occasion! 

Breastfeeding shouldn't stop you from making the most of your work life- rather its a great time to ramp up your style!

Here's a secret styling tip our moms swear by! Get yourself a nursing cover and use it in multiple ways! 

  • As a cover when you are pumping!
  • As a stylish scarf over your dress!
  • As a trendy top when you are not pumping!

Here is Vaishali Upadhyay, an instagram influencer and mom of two, showing you how its done!

  4. Your back to office wardrobe should fit your new mom body!

  1. During the postpartum period, a woman's body goes through various changes, including fluctuations in breast size and shape.
  2. During pregnancy, the pelvic bones widen to prepare for childbirth. This widening might not fully reverse after birth, leading to a wider pelvic structure in some women.
  3. In a survey that we did at House of Zelena we found that upto 30% women also reported changes in the thigh circumference.
  4. Its important to note that the bust to waist to thigh ratio undergoes a change postpartum and your wardrobe should accommodate these changes, providing a more flattering and comfortable fit.

Here is why you should choose House of Zelena for your back to office wardrobe as a nursing mom!


This is a for moms, made by moms brand! We have been there! All the outfits are moms approved and our zactive mom community will swear by it! Too good to be true? You will be glad to know that our outfits have POCKETS too!

2. We keep it authentic and affordable!

When you are a new mother joining back work, more important than getting your hair and make up done is - making sure your clothes are comfortable enough to ensure your nursing journey continues. And you don't burn a hole in your pockets doing so!

3. Its a solution for all your postpartum dressing worries!

From flattering your changed body to being ultra soft on your skin to enabling you to pump at work we got your covered! Just pair the clothes with good shoes and a statement shoulder bag and get back to being girl-boss at work!

Managing a job and continuing to nurse your baby is hard work. Remember that though breastfeeding isn't easy- its worth it! With a little bit of planning and organization you can still look stylish while providing the best nutrition for your baby!

PS: Did I tell you the big secret yet?

The Honeycomb nursing cover is the back to wardrobe essential you will thank yourself for! Its the best nursing cover for airplanes and pumping at work as it provides 360 degree coverage!! Get yours today!

If you need some help don't hesitate to drop us a message or comment below! We would love to style you!

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