Akansha Verma

Garbhasanskar Teacher, Womb Healer

Travelling miles and miles undertaking long journey and wandering in the quest of truth, peace, bliss and tranquility seeking a resting point an abode or an eternal halt waiting for some door to open for me to quench my long lasting search of truth.

At the age of 17, I underwent a radical life awakening that changed my life forever. It healed my life and brought forward my psychic gifts as truly said by someone, a healer’s gift is her own wound. I’m a certified Reiki master, yoga teacher, a tarot card reader and a womb trauma healer but most importantly I’m a ‘soul whisperer’. Gifted by nature, the divine art of dancing originating from my soul has become a beacon light for my life.


Graduate , 13 years working as a Reiki master .

Practising yoga since 10 years and teaching since 6 years.

Womb practitioner since 5 years

Website - https://shoonyata.org/about.html

Linkedin : https://in.linkedin.com/in/akansha-verma-7bba13229

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