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Back pain in new mom

The Magic Remedy for Back Pain in New Moms called Apana Vayu Mudra

In the journey of motherhood, postnatal challenges like persistent back pain often take a toll on new moms, overshadowing the joy of welcoming a new life. 

Recognizing this common struggle, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Srivalli Kadali, a dedicated postnatal yoga trainer with over 5 years of experience in teaching yoga to mothers. She told me about an ancient yet effective technique for alleviating such discomforts. Srivalli, shared insights into the potential cause of this relentless back pain and introduced a simple, holistic remedy that revolves around the concept of Apana vayu and its associated mudra. 

Mudra in simple terms is a hand gesture in yoga. This is done in conjunction with breathing exercises which help to regulate the flow of energy in your body. Yoga says that our inner self is always in a blissful state and there are various ways to reach there. Mudras help us connect with our inner self hence it's so much better than just going to the gym.

In conversation with Expert Srivalli Kadali let’s find out all how apana vayu mudra is beneficial to new mothers!

The most irritating side-effect postpartum - Back Pain.

"Sometimes, the back pain will stay after delivery, no matter what you've tried," Srivalli begins, acknowledging the frustration many new mothers feel. She suggests that this enduring pain might be due to Apana vayu—a specific type of energy—remaining stuck inside the body. For those unfamiliar, Apana Vayu is a Sanskrit term from ancient yogic practices, referring to the vital energy responsible for the elimination and regulation of the body's waste and reproductive processes. When this energy is imbalanced or obstructed, it can manifest as physical discomfort, including back pain.

“If the mother has tried everything and her back pain isnt getting lesser, I feel she should check for Apan Vayu and release it”, advises Srivalli.

Apan Vayu Mudra for Back pain: How to release it?

Srivalli shares a gentle yet powerful technique to release this trapped energy: the Apan Vayu Mudra. This hand gesture is designed to harmonize and stimulate the flow of Apana Vayu, thereby offering relief from back pain. Here’s a guide on how to perform this mudra:

1. Begin by ensuring your hands and nails are clean. For those with long nails, it's advisable to trim them to facilitate a comfortable touch between the fingers.

2. Sit upright in a comfortable position on a firm surface. It's important that the surface isn’t too cushioned, as your hips should not be lower than your knees to maintain proper posture.

3. Using both hands, gently fold your middle and ring fingers so that their tips touch the tip of your thumb and completely fold your index finger. The touch should be gentle, without applying too much pressure.

4. Rest the back of your hands on your knees. This not only helps in maintaining the mudra but also supports an upright posture.

apan vayu mudra for back pain

How does Apana Vayu Mudra help?

According to the ancient yogic texts this is a very powerful mudra which helps in pain relief. Folding the index finger reduces the air element, which helps to relieve pain and relax the body and mind. Connection of the thumb, middle finger and ring finger increases the fire element and the earth element, which helps to detoxify and cleanse the body, supply more oxygen to heart arteries and increase the power of the heart.

Ayurveda believes that there are 5 elements which bring about balance in the universe- earth, fire, wind, water and air. Similarly our body also has these elements and only when they are balanced we are able to stay healthy. 

For best results:  Maintain the apan vayu mudra position for 20 minutes. If you’re new to this practice, start with 5 minutes and gradually increase your time to 20 minutes. Perform this mudra daily until you experience complete relief from the pain.

In Conclusion:

A Mudra is a seal created by our body which links our “prana” or life energy in a particular way. These mudras are very efficient and easy methods of relieving many health issues if done consistently and patiently. 

Srivalli advises moms to try this simple practice of apan vayu mudra at home. She says that it's an easy way to get relief from pain without spending a single rupee and no side effects! If you don't have time, try to do this mudra while feeding your baby, making your baby sleep, taking a walk or even watching Tv. 20 minutes a day is all it takes! 

We are grateful Srivalli shared this secret remedy with us! Stay tuned for more as Srivalli reminds us of the importance of taking care of ourselves using modern as well as traditional practices. Do try this out at home and share your experience in the comments! 

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