All you need to know about being ready for C-Section

All you need to know about being ready for C-Section

I never planned on having a C-section, my only plan was to deliver a healthy baby no matter what it took.

- Lauren Tingley

A mom's dilemma: Does C-section makes me less of a mom?

Right from the time we start talking about planning a family and conceiving a child, there is an obvious choice of mode of delivery and that is vaginal or in simple words "normal" delivery. Everyone tells you that having a normal delivery is easier while having a c-section for delivery comes with a ridiculous notion that it is an easier way to have a baby.

But the truth is that a C-section is equally or in some cases even more painful than vaginal delivery. It takes a lot more time to recover from a C-section than it takes from vaginal delivery.

Simplifying C-section, cesarean delivery is a procedure used to deliver a baby through surgery in which incisions are made in the abdomen and uterus to take the baby out of the mother's womb. It can be planned ahead of time or performed in an emergency, that is when vaginal delivery is not safe for mom or kid or both. It carries more risk than a vaginal delivery.

If you're pregnant, knowing about C-sections, the reasons that lead to a C-section what to expect during and after C-section can help you to prepare in a better way.

To start with, A C-section can be planned or unplanned. Let's understand the details for the same.

Unplanned C-section:

An unplanned C-section might be necessary if vaginal delivery is not safe for your kid or you or both. Let's have a deeper look at the possible reasons for the same.

  • Labour isn't progressing normally: also called prolonged labour, this means that your cervix starts to dilate but stops after a while. The service doesn't things out or your baby stops moving down the birth canal. Prolonged labour has risks like low oxygen levels for the baby, abnormal heart rhythm in the baby, or uterine infection. If the baby is distressed, the doctor will go for a C-section.
  • Fetal distress: your baby might be in distress due to low oxygen levels or irregular heart rate. These factors are monitored continuously while delivery and if your baby is in distress, doctors advise for C-section.
  • Health concern of mom: In case your BP is high or you have a heart or brain condition, a C-section might be recommended.
  • Prolapsed umbilical cord: In this case, the umbilical cord loops around your baby's neck or body or may be caught between the head and pelvis of your baby. 
  • Placenta abruption: In this case, the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus before the delivery of your baby.

So these are the causes that may lead to an unplanned C-section delivery. The doctor will continuously monitor you and recommend a surgical procedure if he/she finds any of the above cases.

unplanned c-section

Planned C-section:

Now that we know about unplanned C-section delivery, let's talk about planned C section. The possible reasons of moms or doctors choose C-section delivery instead of trying for a vaginal delivery are:

  • Multiple babies: Although normal delivery is very much possible in case you are carrying twins. But there are also possibilities with twins, triplets or more, that babies are not in head first position or your labour will start early. Another reason is the critical health condition of mom. In all these cases, Doctor may tell you to go for a planned C-section.
  • Unusual position: Headfirst is the ideal condition for vaginal delivery. But if your baby is in a breech position (feet/ buttocks towards the birth canal) or transverse position (shoulders or sides towards the birth canal), then a c-section is the safest way to deliver babies.
  • Placenta Previa: In this case, the placenta covers the opening of the cervix.
  • Vaginal infection: If you have some kind of vagina infection that could be passed to your baby while vaginal delivery, the planned C-section is done.
  • Previous C-section: You have already had one or more Caesareans. Then the doctor will suggest you go for a planned C-section as vaginal delivery may put unnecessary pressure on your previous stitches. There is also a risk of uterine rupture.
  • Cephalopelvic disproportion: CPD is the term used to explain the mismatch between the size of a fetus's head and the mother's pelvis. Either your baby'shead or body is too large to pass safely for a vaginal delivery, or your pelvis is too small to deliver an average-sized baby. in this case, the placenta covers the opening of the cervix.

Some Women may prefer a C-section delivery to a vaginal delivery for non-medical reasons like a preferable date and time, being too scared to face labour pains or any
other reasons. But in any case, childbirth is painful for moms and the type of birth she has is not open to judgement from anyone.
Just take an informed decision, ask all the queries from your doctor and try to be calm and patient.

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