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Top 5 Stress Management Tips for Working Moms


“The offer letter was in my hand waiting to be signed. I was still in two minds”, shared Shriya Acharya, a mom from  ZactiveTM  mom group.

When Shriya gets home from work, only half her work is done. Then starts the second half of her work which is helping the child with homework, deciding the dinner menu, planning the next day, keeping the groceries stocked and feeding and bathing her baby. She does not want to miss out on any time with her child and hence finds herself with no time to wind down. She is continuously torn between her roles as a mom and a working woman. Is this you? Read on for really practical tips you can use to reduce your stress as a working mom. 

5 Stress Relief Tips for Working Moms

1.Cut Down on Unnecessary Kids' Commitments

78% of working moms are very stressed according to research. In the age of social media, moms feel the pressure to do everything! That gymnastics class. the latest toys, the brain stimulation activities. While moms on Instagram seem to have it all, don't get carried away by it. Choose what you can manage. While scheduling activities for your kid take into account travel time, time for meals, school homework as well.

Best tip is: Limit your child's after school activities to 1 activity per week! 

2. Involve the Father in Childcare

Even in today's day and age, majority of heavy work of child care is borne by mothers. The double responsibility of work and home means increased stress, which increases insomnia, less immunity, weight gain and mood swings. Let go and share the workload with your partner!

  • Its okay if your husband dresses the kid in mismatched socks or has pizza for dinner!
  • Don't expect your partner to read your mind. Be specific about division of duties. For example: father manages the pick ups from school and mom manages the after school activity.
  • Use post it lists so that the tasks are not missed out!

Research has shown that kids of involved fathers do better in studies and have lesser behaviour problems! 

3. Its Okay to be "good enough"

Most moms strive for perfection- best birthday party, exclusively breastfeeding, home made cookies! Sometimes its ok to admit limitations and scale back.

  •  If reading a bedtime story to baby is important for u, its okay if the house is still messy or the laundry isn't washed for that day!
  • You don't need to entertain your child all the time, its okay to let them be bored. Boredom fosters creativity.
  • There is no need for extravagant vacations or outings. What a child needs is an emotionally safe environment to grow up in! 
  • If you cannot make full course meals from scratch, a bowl of dal rice or curry chapati is a wholesome meal in itself! 
  • Its fine to hire help to cook, clean or manage the baby. It doesn't make you love your child any less!

4. Simplify!

With more temptations, everyone wishes for more. But ask yourself is this a need for your child or a want? 

  • The latest gadget, the expensive doll house, do you need it? You can cut back on things and clutter this way.
  • Involve kids to help out. Some ideas: kids can help with cleaning vegetables, sorting them, sweeping the house, watering plants, folding clothes.
  • Make a community with neighbors so they can lift off the burden when needed. This means  play dates, car pooling  from school and after school activities.
  • Go for a walk to destress. Walking is so underrated and powerful when you want a relief from day to day responsibilities.
  • Catching a movie in a theatre seems far fetched? Binge watch a series on netflix to get back the lost peace!

Listen to Michelle Noronha, an Instagram influencer, talk to us about balancing life as a working mom!

5.Indulge yourself into mindful activities

Lets face it, motherhood comes with sacrifices, especially in the start. You find yourself withdrawing from the things you love! Remember that hobby of yours which you enjoyed in your 20s? Don't give up on it, that is your me-time! Here are some ideas to get you back to yourself!

  • Plan a girl's night with your college friends!

    If you are someone who enjoyed going out for late night snacks, maintain that spontaneity! Go for that 10pm road side snack!

  • Long car drives with no destination in mind!
  • Date nights with husband!
  • If you enjoy a good workout but no time for gym, go on morning walks!

Don't make discussions only about the baby! You are still YOU!

In conclusion

You are more than “just a mom”! True that being a mother is a privilege but there is more to you than that! The best stress management tip for working moms is to remember you don’t have to do it all. Yes, there are things that must be done but there’s no rule that says it has to be done by you. Learn to delegate at work and at home. its okay to be stressed and I feel from today on, u will have some important tips to use when you are  stressed! 

I hope this article helped you! Comment below if you are a working mom and share this with someone who it can help! 

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