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5 Things You Should Avoid After a C-Section Delivery

Lets face it! Most women who are pregnant do not go into it, wishing for a C-section delivery. Delivering a baby is something you can never be fully prepared for- all those books you read, the blogs you read, the influencers you follow- none can truly predict how your delivery will be. But being aware is in your hands! And that will go a long way in ensuring a safe labor and postpartum for you!


5 Things You Must Avoid after C Section Delivery

If your delivery goes the C-section way, here are 5 things you must avoid after it! 

1. Avoid Pressure on Incision Site.

Which means you will have to be careful while doing many of your day to day tasks. 

“I feel i had to take care for 6 months after my C-section”, shares Neha, a  ZactiveTM community mom. 

Here is how you can take care of your stitches after a C-section-

  1. Take care when you sneeze and cough. Try and hold a pillow against your stitches if you need to sneeze/cough for support.
  2. You will find this unbelievable but take care when you laugh! That pillow might be helpful here too! 
  3. If you feel your stitches feel numb, dont panic. This is normal! 
  4. Be okay with using painkillers and any other medicine your doctor has prescribed for healing.
  5. Wear clothing that avoid pressure on the incision site. Invest in good quality maternity wear, especially bottom wear after a C-section. Wearing tight clothing around the incision site can cause irritation and hinder the healing process.

Check out these comfortable postpartum bottom wear to wear post your C-section! 

2. Avoid heavy or strenuous work.

Women face incredible guilt for everything after becoming a mother. We have all heard comments like. “I had babies and did the housework, so why can't you”, from the elderly women in the house.  

Its important to remember that every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. C-section is a major surgery and requires a good amount of time for recovery. Here are a few everyday things you should stay away from till your incision heals.

  1. Do not climb stairs, use the lift as much as possible. If your apartment does not have a lift, consider staying home as much as possible.
  2. Hire help for household chores. Avoid straining yourself while you need to rest and heal.
  3. Avoid walking on wet floor or surfaces. Its easy to skid and better avoided,
  4. Avoid activities such as vacuuming, mopping, or lifting heavy clothes baskets as these tasks can strain the body and the incision area.
  5. If you are breastfeeding your baby, use pillows to support your back and the baby during feeding. This can help you maintain a comfortable position and reduce strain on the incision site.

3.Avoid trying to "get back to normal" quickly.

Women face an incredible amount of pressure to “get back” thanks to unreal images of moms on social media. You should remember that you have birthed a baby and you should take time to heal. 

  1. Engaging in rigorous exercise too soon after a C-section can strain the body and slow down the healing process. It's crucial to follow the doctor's advice on when to resume physical activities.
  2. Any prescribed medications, including painkillers and antibiotics, should not be skipped. They are often essential for managing pain and preventing infections.
  3. Postpartum emotions can be overwhelming, and it's essential for mothers to prioritize their mental well-being. Seeking support from friends, family, or professionals can help manage postpartum stress and anxiety.
  4. If you feel anxious about your “mom tummy” slow down and accept it, Tell yourself that it was your baby's home and learn to love it slowly!
  5. Avoid using tampons, lifting more than your body weight or getting intimate with your partner till doctor advices.
  6. Shower normally instead of baths till incision has healed and postpartum bleeding has stopped.

4.Avoid foods that can delay healing of stitches.

"After a C-section many activities are not advised till incision heals, so its important to keep a watch on your diet!", shares Sudha, from zactive mom community.

Useful Diet Plan After A C-Section

Diet is extremely important after C-section as its critical to avoid gas and constipation. Here are some useful diet tips you can use!

  1. Avoid spicy foods as they can cause gas and some research says they change the taste of breastmilk.
  2. Avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks like tea, coffee, cola, soda.
  3. Avoid eating food that is cold, uncooked, fried or junk. These call all lead to gastric issues which can make healing difficult.
  4. Some vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, peas, cabbage, radish can cause gas so its better to be consumed with care. 

5. Join a supportive mom community like Zactive moms


Its easy to doubt yourself, not love your changed body or feel like you have to bounce back after your C-section. Stay away from social media unfollow accounts that seem unreal or only show personal successes during/after birth. This can cause anxiety, guilt and make you feel “not good enough”. Consider joining a mom community where you get to interact with REAL MOMS! 

Our ZactiveTM  mom group is ideal for you! 

95% moms reported reduced anxiety and better mood on joining the community.

Why moms love being there?

  1. It's the most supportive mom gang ever, a non judgemental mom friend zone!
  2. You make mom friends and support each other with your knowledge and ask your worries and doubts.
  3. Plus there are freebies,  exclusive free webinars and community only discounts on House of  ZelenaTM products!

In conclusion:

Remember, giving birth is divine! Every baby is beautiful and every birth needs to be celebrated. Reading this blog has already prepared you, in case you have a C-section birth. So go ahead and immerse yourself in motherhood! 

Every mom needs a village! We have built that village for you- Join ZactiveTM mom community now!

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    Good article. I have a 40 day old baby and csection birth. The scar is still paining and i will follow this advice

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