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Best Maternity Leggings for Indian Millennial Moms in 2024

Congratulations, fabulous moms-to-be! As you embark on this incredible journey, comfort becomes your new best friend. While your belly expands and your cravings go on a roller coaster, one thing shouldn't be compromised—your style! Say hello to maternity leggings, the unsung heroes of pregnancy fashion. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about the best maternity leggings in 2024 and introduce you to the best leggings you ever need to own!

Can You Wear Regular Leggings When You’re Pregnant?

Let's address the elephant in the room—regular leggings. Can you still rock them with that adorable baby bump? Well, technically, yes. But let's be real—comfort is key during pregnancy. Regular leggings might start feeling like a tight squeeze for your growing belly. You might continue to use regular leggings in the initial months of your pregnancy but at one point, the leggings, if stretched beyond their capacity, start to lose shape and comfort. Plus, the constant tugging and adjusting? Nobody got time for that! Enter maternity leggings, your newfound pregnancy BFFs!

How Maternity Leggings Differ From Regular Leggings?

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. What sets maternity leggings apart? First off, the waistband game is strong. Bid farewell to the constricting waistbands of regular leggings and say hello to the stretchy, supportive wonders of maternity leggings. They're designed to accommodate your growing bump without compromising on style.  

Though maternity leggings look just like your regular ones, there are big differences in both!

Waistband Design:

  • Regular Leggings: Narrow, elastic waistband at natural waist. May become uncomfortable during pregnancy.
  • Maternity Leggings: Wider, flexible waistband for belly support and comfort without constriction.

Belly Coverage:

  • Regular Leggings: Standard rise, not ideal for growing belly.
  • Maternity Leggings: Over-the-bump for extra support and coverage, or under-the-bump for a lower-rise option.

Fabric and Stretch:

  • Regular Leggings: Cotton, spandex, or polyester, limited stretch.
  • Maternity Leggings: Stretchy, breathable fabric blend like cotton-spandex for comfort and adaptability to body changes.

What are the types of Maternity Leggings?

Over-the-Bump Maternity Leggings: These leggings come up and over your baby bump, providing extra support and warmth. Think of them as a cozy hug for your belly. These should last you your entire pregnancy and even after as you can fold the waist when they don’t fit anymore

Over the bump maternity leggings

Under-the-Bump Leggings:If you prefer a lower-rise option, under-the-bump leggings are your go-to. They sit comfortably under your belly, offering flexibility and a breezy feel. Have you seen singer Rihanna sport these in her pregnancy? If you don't want to feel constrained on your belly, these are your style!

Under the bump maternity leggings

Activewear Maternity Leggings: For the mommas on the move, active maternity leggings are a game-changer. Whether you're doing prenatal yoga or conquering the grocery store, these leggings move with you. Perfect for the mommy on the go!

Active wear maternity leggings

What to Look for in the Best Maternity Leggings?

1. Comfort is Non-Negotiable: Look for leggings made from soft, breathable fabric that can withstand the demands of pregnancy. Cotton blends or moisture-wicking materials are your best friends. Athleisure has become a huge fashion trend and more so as comfort is top priority!

2. Stretch and Support: Your leggings should grow with you. Opt for a pair with a good stretch but enough support to keep everything in place. We know the belly expands but we also need to look at thighs and ankles which also tend to put on weight so look for leggings that stretch accordingly!

3. Versatility Rules: Choose leggings that can seamlessly transition from a casual day out to a more polished look for those maternity photoshoots. Versatility is key! Choose leggings in the common basic colours like white, grey and black which you can mix and match with outfits and accessories for different occasions!

4. Invest in Quality: Pregnancy is a marathon, not a sprint. Invest in a quality pair of leggings that can withstand the nine-month journey and beyond. If you are on a budget, we advise you to get a pair in basic colours which you can use in multiple ways. Remember when you want to buy something of a good quality, it will be priced that way too so value for money is something you have to consider! It's no point buying something cheap that wears out, looses stretch or turns baggy before your pregnancy is over! So get a pair that will last your pregnancy and postpartum too (even if it means investing a little more in price!)

Introducing House of Zelena’s Zactive Range of Maternity Bottomwear.

As promised in the start, we are giving you leggings that fit all the above criteria! 

The Revolution in Maternity Wear: Adaptable Bump-Friendly Pregnancy Leggings

This is India's first adaptable bump-friendly maternity collection and it represents a significant leap in maternity wear. These leggings, unlike traditional maternity clothes, adjust to the changing size of the pregnant belly, offering a perfect fit throughout pregnancy. This adaptability is a game-changer, ensuring that expectant mothers do not have to keep purchasing new garments as their bodies change.

Did you know 60-80 % women complain of back pain in pregnancy at some point. Full bump coverage and adequate back support is essential to reduce this discomfort considerably.

Seamless Maternity Leggings: The Future of Comfort

The seamless maternity leggings, crafted from superior polyamide fabric, epitomize comfort and flexibility. Infused with N9 technology, these leggings offer antibacterial properties, a critical feature for maintaining hygiene and health for postpartum moms. The seamless design eliminates any potential for irritation, making them ideal for sensitive skin that often accompanies pregnancy.

Flat Knit Leggings: Blending Tradition and Technology

Flat seam leggings offer a more traditional approach but with a modern twist. These leggings provide the familiarity of conventional stitching with the added benefit of advanced fabrics that stretch and mould to the body, ensuring comfort without compromising on durability.

Why should you choose Zactive Seamless Pregnancy legging?

seamless maternoty legging

1. Adjustable Bump-Friendly Fabric: Adapts to your growing belly for unmatched comfort. 

2. Superior Polyamide Fabric : Unparalleled softness and comfort for new mom body 

3. Back Support Bands: Light compression for posture support and back pain relief.

4. Convenient Pocket: Handy and discreet storage for your essentials. 

5. N9 Certified: Anti-microbial, anti-odour, and anti-static for ultimate hygiene and comfort.

6. BellyLove™ Technology: Specially designed for loving and supporting your pregnancy journey.

Why should you choose Zactive Flat Knit maternity llegging?

flat knit maternity legging
flat knit leggings

1. Full Bump-Coverage: Adapts to your growing belly for unmatched comfort. 

2. Superior Nylon Fabric : Unparalleled softness and comfort for new mom body 

3. Flat-Knit Stitch: Expertly crafted for a smooth, snug fit without irritation. 

4. Convenient Pocket: Handy and discreet storage for your essentials. 

5. Gentle Touch: Ultra-soft and smooth, ideal for postpartum skin sensitivity. 

6. BellyLove™ Technology: Specially designed for loving and supporting your pregnancy journey

PS ( Did we mention that these leggings are available in super trendy colours like green, wine and olive! Go get yours now!)

We hope we sorted out your maternity bottom wear worries with the article! Comment your experience and share this article with another mamma!

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