Is child birth really painful? | Jimmy's birth story of normal delivery!

Is child birth really painful? | Jimmy's birth story of normal delivery!

*This is a podcast interview in the series - Regular Moms | Regular Birthing Stories* 

Labor pain! Often shown as a woman screaming in agony in movies! Many women are afraid just from the anticipation of the pain, not the pain itself!

In today's episode of Hand that rocks the cradle we decided to demystify this labor pain experience! We spoke to Jimmy Kalal, an Instagram influencer, make up artist and a new mother on her experience of a normal delivery!

Watch her entire Hindi video interview here:

Jimmy also shares in detail about what to expect after a normal delivery.

“I was asked to not sit cross legged and not climb stairs till stitches healed”, she says.

When we spoke to pregnant mothers in House of Zelena's zactive mom community 90% of them were clueless on what exactly happens in labor and delivery! Which is why birthing becomes an anxiety filled time for most mothers and instead of relaxing, mothers end up even more stressed.

Mathumathy V, a birth doula, in one of our community events shared that in the 150+ pregnant mothers who she has trained for delivery, most of them were anxious and hence will find labor painful. “The trick is to train your mind and the rest falls into place!” she shares.

So how can you train your mind? 

By educating yourself on the normal delivery process and what to expect. Being aware makes the fear of the unknown disappear.

You can also hear Jimmy in podcast (audio only) here :

Why is childbirth painful?

Childbirth is often described as one of the most intense and challenging physical experiences a woman can go through. The pain during labor and delivery is a result of the uterus contracting to help the cervix dilate and facilitate the baby's passage through the birth canal. Many factors contribute to the perceived pain, including the woman's pain threshold, the position of the baby, and the speed of labor progression.

Did you know? According to many popular notions women while giving birth experiences 57 del unit of pain (Labor), similar to 20 bones simultaneously getting fractured. This cannot be fact checked though! But its a verified fact that zactive maternity wear as gorgeous as this wont be available anywhere else for such a steal price!

We spoke to 5 zactive women to rate their labor pain experiences! Here is what they said!

“Labor pain was unlike anything I had ever felt”

Manisha Sharma, a 32 year old new mom from Mumbai shared this experience, 

"It started as strong menstrual cramps and then intensified with each contraction. But what amazed me was the sense of empowerment I felt as I worked through the pain to bring my baby into the world. On a scale of 1-10 I will rate it 7/10!"

"I won't lie, labor pain was intense!"

Melissa Fernandes, an HR head from Gurgaon shared that, 

"It was quite painful wont lie! It felt like waves of pressure and tightening that would come and go. But as soon as I held my baby in my arms, the memory of the pain seemed to fade away instantly."

"I had an unmedicated birth, and the pain was incredibly intense!"

Tanvi Jain, an Instagram influencer and new mom had a normal delivery without epidural! This strong mommy shared that,

“I had decided I will try my best for an unmedicated birth. I had taken prenatal yoga sessions and birthing practise sessions to prepare me for this. The labor pain was intense but it was also a unique type of pain that I knew was purposeful and temporary. I focused on my breathing and the thought that every contraction was bringing me closer to meeting my baby.”

"I think the anticipation of labor pain was scarier than the actual experience!"

Swapnali Pai, a digital marketing specialist from Pune shared that,

"Yes, it was painful, but it was a pain with a purpose. And it's amazing how quickly you forget the pain once you hold your baby. I had an epidural, and the relief from the pain was like a wave of calm. While I could still feel pressure, the intense pain had subsided. It made the whole birthing process much more manageable for me."

Many mothers choose pain relief options like epidural in their normal delivery process.

"My labor pain was more of a dull ache that grew stronger with each contraction!"

Jimmy Kalal, an Instagram influencer shared this with us in her interview,

"Labor pain is similar to menstrual cramps which happen in the abdomen and back. It comes and goes like waves every few minutes and towards the end, they come quickly so you know baby will be here soon! There were moments of doubt and fear, but also moments of determination and excitement. It taught me that my body was capable of incredible strength."

What does research say?

A study published in the "Journal of Perinatal Education" found that approximately 64% of women reported labor pain as the most severe pain they had ever experienced. This indicates the profound impact childbirth pain can have on a woman's perception of discomfort.

  1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 75% of women who give birth experience pain during labor, with about 8-10% describing the pain as severe.


  2. Research published in the "Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing" suggests that pain management strategies, such as epidural anesthesia, are commonly used to alleviate labor pain. This highlights the importance of medical interventions in managing the intensity of childbirth pain.

Here are 5 mom approved ways of coping with labor pain!

  1. Breathing Techniques: Deep and focused breathing can help manage pain by promoting relaxation and oxygenating the body. Moms often find comfort in techniques like slow, rhythmic breathing or "hee-hee-hoo" breathing during contractions. Breathing can provide a sense of control and distraction from the pain.

  2. Movement and Position Changes: Changing positions and moving around can help ease discomfort and encourage progress in labor. Walking, swaying, rocking on a birthing ball, or simply changing from sitting to standing can help alleviate pain and pressure. Finding positions that feel comfortable can make a significant difference. "Sitting on a therapy ball and being upright helped me tremendously in contractions", shared Manisha Sharma.

  3. Hydrotherapy: Immersing yourself in a warm bath or using a warm shower can provide soothing relief during labor. The buoyancy of water can reduce the pressure on your body, and the warmth can help relax tense muscles and ease pain. 

    “My sister gave birth in The birth village - a natural birthing centre in Kerala and she swears by this method! If I have another child I will try this”, laughs Melissa Fernandes

    4. Relaxation techniques: Techniques from hypnobirthing and visualization can help you mentally manage pain. By using relaxation scripts, positive affirmations, or imagining yourself in a calm and serene environment, you can redirect your focus away from pain and reduce anxiety. 

"I was chanting my Guruji's mantra every time I had a contraction! It helped tremendously! Any positive affirmation also works, like “I can do it!”, shares Tanvi Jain about her experience!


   5. Massage and Counterpressure: Gentle massage or applying counterpressure to certain areas can alleviate tension and pain. Partners or doulas can assist by massaging your back, shoulders, or lower back during contractions. The physical touch can provide comfort and distraction. Mathumathy V, a labor and birth doula who took a super informative webinar for our Zactive mom community on preparing for labor and delivery stressed in this. Watch her video on youtube here!

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